Internship Experience @ Department of Justice, Ministry of Law, Delhi

Name of Organization.

Department of Justice, Ministry of law, Delhi. Office is located at Man Singh road which is easily accessible through khan market metro.

I got the internship through personal contacts, but one can contact through the information given on their website.

Duration of internship?

I interned for a period of three weeks but interns have a choice of extending it upto 4 weeks.

My internship took place in the month of October so I was the only intern in the department because no other law schools had vacations that time.

First Impression

The office was very basic with not any impressive infrastructure but being close to Khan Market, there were a lot of places to chill and eat good food.

Formalities included getting a weekly pass made for entry into the office which was easy and was done by the clerk of the office.

Team, Work and the experience.

There were around 10-15 members in the team and the team was led by the law secretary. I was very lucky to intern in October because during that time the NJAC case was being heard in the court and this team had played a major role in researching for the NJAC bill.

The bill was drafted by the team which was closely associated with the team I was working for. My whole internship revolved around NJAC whereas if anyone interns now, it would more of revolve around access to justice project which is also run by the same department.

The work which was being allotted to me was to research on the NJAC bill and how judicial appointments take place in other countries and compare it to the bill which was drafted by the team. I had a very good insight into how the NJAC was researched on and where the teams thought they lacked in drafting the bill.

I was also there when the NJAC judgment was passed and the bill was scrapped off. After which I had the opportunity to brief the whole judgment which is massive.

Briefing the judgment gave me an idea about where the bill could have been improved and also gave me an insight to the reasoning of the judges.

Later my brief was also screened through the secretary who gave me an opportunity to have a discussion with him regarding NJAC. Apart from working and researching on NJAC, I also took up some work where I was working on “Access to Justice” project run by the ministry.

Overall it was a brilliant experience as I had the splendid opportunity of studying NJAC in depth and interacting with the minds behind it.

Timings? Number of working days per week?

Timings were flexible but I would reach office by 10 am and leave by 6 pm. Saturdays were off.


I was living in a PG near GK metro which made it very easy for me to commute Khan Market. There are a lot of PG’s available in Kailash and near the metro, the contact info of which is easily available online.

Prefer taking a PG on the same metro line as khan market as it would make life easier.

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