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Internship Experience @ Delhi State Legal Services Authority: Learning Practical Aspects of Law

By: Abhimanyu | January 12, 2016
Name of Student


Name of the Organisation, City

Delhi State Legal Services Authority, New Delhi

Duration of Internship

1st July – 22nd July 2013

How big was the office?

The office is small and is located on thee 1st floor of the Patiala House Court Complex, New Delhi.

Application Procedure

We got the notice of application in the college only and applied online for the same in the month of May. The form with an attached recommendation letter from the college has to be sent.

Further details could be found on the website.

Duration of weeks and No. of days/week

It was a 3 weeks internship with 5 working days a week i.e. Monday- Friday and the timings are specified by the amount of task that is allotted to you.


The students can get accommodation in the North Campus, Delhi University as being a commercial area there are a number of PGs.

First Impression

The first day formalities included a lecture by Sh.Surinder S.Rathi, Ld. O.S.D & Sh. Sanjay Sharma, Ld. Project Officer on Legal Aid: Evolution and its Salient Features.

Main Tasks

A number of tasks were given to us like visiting Child Welfare Centers, Juvenile Observation Homes, Correction Homes, Judges Chambers etc which were very interesting to go to and at the end of the internship we had to prepare a report on our internship experience at DSLSA.

Work Environment

The work environment was highly productive and encouraging. The authority is very Co-operative and helped the interns in all respects. The main advantage is that it is an internship not solely for law students but also includes students from social sciences. Being in the law field this allowed me to think in a broader way about law and also helped in knowing my capabilities to do social work and also as a legal advisor.

Best Things

The internship gives a good experience as you get to interact with a number of people and you get to go to places where normally you are not allowed like a judge’s chamber or observation homes etc.

It also gives you an experience in legal writing, develops your listening and interpretation skills and much more.

The program on the whole acted as a catalyst for our personal and professional development.

It is flexible in nature and one gets to know about the working of the government to provide legal aid and also the enforcement of various government policies.

DSLSA is a praised and highly suggested internship for especially 1st year law students.

Bad Things

As nothing in the world is without a flaw, so the internship also has some flaws like there is not much co-ordination among the students and moreover there is not much assistance by the authorities as one is given the task at they are made to do on their own which becomes little difficult for the people who do not live in Delhi and are not familiar with the place so well.

What did you do to chill?

Since Delhi is famous for its street food, one can always go for it.

There are many places to go and visit with friends including the Supreme Court, Supreme Court Museum, Delhi Hatt, University of Delhi etc.


No stipend

Anything else you’d like to tell

DSLSA is an excellent place to intern at least in the 1st year of law and moreover the internship makes you learn a lot. Visiting places like Juvenile Justice Board, Children Welfare Community etc. brings to your notice that the children of the nation require a special attention as they are the future of the nation.

The visits to the Courts increase the knowledge of procedural law and court manner and etiquettes.

The internship helps you to enhance your legal knowledge by leaps and bounds on such fine practical aspects of law which one could not inculcate in his/her classroom learning.

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