Internship Experience @ Consumers India [NGO], New Delhi: Take Surveys, Prepared a Report on Pollution in Delhi

Intern Details

Vasu Jain

Organization Name

Consumers India (NGO), Delhi, 1 Head and 4 mentors with 56 interns

Application Procedure

Consumers India have its own internship programme and one can applying by filling that form. It could be downloaded from their website.

The form needs to be sent to [email protected]

Duration of Internship

28th May to 15th July, 2014

First Impression

The first meeting or the orientation programme was scheduled at Kamini Auditorioum, New Delhi. It was a formal session wherein all the 56 interns introduced themselves and then we were told about the organisation and the internship programme.

Then we split ourselves into 6 groups to make a project/report in the internship duration. I was the Group Captain of my group which was assigned the topic ‘Pollution in Delhi’. We had to make a full report on that.

Main Task and Work Environment

The task was to prepare a report/project on the assigned topic. Mine was ‘Pollution in Delhi’.

So we conducted a survey in Mayapuri, near the bank of Yamuna and in our respective localities. My group was of 5 peoples and we all coordinated through social media. Though there was not much personal meetings but we develop good bonding. Jayshree Mam is very cooperative who guided us on how to go about the project. She took permission on our behalf from an industry in Mayapuri even.

Best Things

The best was the weekly group hangouts.

We use to meet at Jayshree Ma’am’s residence and then to discuss the agenda for next week, hangout at different places. This way we develop good bonding.

Bad Things

I guess, nothing.

We enjoyed, we researched, we learnt, we explored. We did almost everything and in that some mishappenings may happen but that needs no separate mention.



Any Other Thing

In Rome, do as the Roman do. Similarly, While in group, do as the group do. A team is one single entity and you cant view yourself separately.


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