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Internship Experience @ Chief Judicial Magistrate, District Court, Pithoragarh: I loved judgments after this internship

By: The Admin | July 26, 2013

Place of Internship

Chief Judicial Magistrate

District Court, Pithoragarh.

The office was a single room, quite spacious for a judge and I used to work there. Besides his office room I was required to attend Court also.

Duration of internship

May 15-June 15

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

There is no such application procedure.Any student wanting to intern under CJM could write an application for the same,with their CV attached & forward to him ,or could get an appointment and meet him personally.

He will take an interview and will peruse your CV. If you are selected, the office contacts you via e-mail.He doesn’t take many interns.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

My duration of internship was of 1 month.I was told to come office by 10 am and if you are late then you are required to toil a lot. Although I never got rebuked because I was very punctual and that was the most pleasant thing for me.

You may leave after 5 pm.

First impression, first day, formalities

My first impression was like I was very scared to work under him as many lawyers had told me that he(sir) was a very strict judge and working under him would be a herculean task.

First day was good, he introduced me to all office members and then he assigned me work straightaway and set the time limit to finish the same by 4 pm.

Main tasks

Mainly it was the research work which I had been asked to do.

I was required to study judgements, to find out the analytic reasoning of the judge while writing the judgement & the principles depending on which the judgement had been pronounced.

I was asked to go to library (both personal & court) in order to study the judgements.

Apart from this I needed to attend the court also.

By the end of the day sir used to ask me my understanding , things which i elicited out of the & my application of law on the cases which came up before the learned court.

Work environment, people

Environment was very coducive and convivial and as i had been told on the very 1 day of my internship by some lawyers that sir is very strict.It did not take me long to get adjusted in the office. But on the contrary he was very helpful,cordial, strict and kept steadfast loyality towards his work.

I was surrounded by some awesome peoples,there were some bad eggs also.Sir used to offer me tea once a day,often twice also.

The best things AND the bad things

The best thing which I got to learn was the huge difference between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.It is something which I will never forget. I developed a understanding of reading & the writing judgments.

The bad thing was I had to study lengthy judgments and often I used to get bored.



Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

There are many cheap hotels where you could get room for a month around Rs 3000.

There are many places to chill out.

Jungles,caves, temples, Himalayas etc. are the major centre of attraction.

Editor’s note: We do not edit internship experiences too much for grammar etc. We believe, it lets the personality show.

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