Internship Experience @ Chhattisgarh Human Rights Commission, Raipur: Dedicated Staff, Study Cases



Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Chhattisgarh Human Rights Commission, Raipur, 25

Application Process with contact details

One has to give a recommendation letter and a bonafide certificate from their respective colleges and also a written application personally or through email or fax

Internship contact details: Research officer Mr. Manish Mishra deals with the interns , so he is the one who needs to be contacted. Scan the recommendation letter and send it to this address CGHRC Near Old Mantralaya Parisar Raipur C.G. 492001 Or Call 0771 2235591.

Duration of internship and timings

April 25, 2016- May 23, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The First impression was like boss you have to work hard here, people are very serious about their work, unlike govt. organizations here the clock hits 10 and everyone is there in the office.

First day was all in all fun, I got to know about the basic concepts of human rights, was introduced to the members of the commission.

Main tasks

The main task of interns is related to study the cases and prepare a briefing of it at the end which is required to get the certificate of completion of internship.

Work environment and people

Amazing work environment, one tends to work even if he/she is not in a mood to work because when you enter the office you see some old and middle aged men working with full dedication and you feel like if they wholeheartedly can, you as the future of the country surely can, it kind of comes to your ego.

Best things

I as a law student, generally comes up with many doubts in the middle of the discussion of a topic, here you are never stopped to clarify your doubts no matter how silly it is, if it is actually related to your study in anyway.

Bad things

As govt body you aspect a stipend but it’s not here and other problem is work is done in Hindi



Biggest Lessons

Got to know the way of looking at things or cases or the perspective of dealing with the case and you should take your internship otherwise you will be in mess because you never know when you will be asked to write a report on all the points you jotted down while working in the commission.



Well my house is in Raipur so I didn’t need accommodation but near telibanda area you can easily get PG at very cheap rate.

Office Timings

Timing- 10:00 to 2:00

A co-intern from some other college came in ten minutes late on the very first day, he was sent back so its damn strict.



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