Intern Details


Name of the Advocate

Chamber of Meera Bhatia, Delhi

Application Procedure

I read about an internship experience of interning under Ms. Meera Bhatia on Lawctopus and gathered the relevant contact information form there only. I send a mail to [email protected] and received a prompt reply within a week, followed by telephonic call.

She confirmed my internship for the month of Nov 2014 on phone. But then just before 10 days, when I called her for asking where to report but to my surprise, she did not recognize me or any of my calls. And asked me to apply afresh for December.


1st December, 2014 to 28th December, 2014
4 weeks

First Impression

My first impression was very bad and was welcomed by a scolding, I was asked to report at Delhi High Court at 1 PM. But I got late by 10 minutes. For my 10 minutes, the lady put her 20 minutes to scold me. It was very embarrassing for me. Later, she informed me about the chamber rules, timings and my duties.

She has a chamber in Delhi High Court. It holds good space for 5 people and has a good collection of AIRs. She is a standing counsel and deals in criminal matters and hence has a great deal of association and work with police officers. So, I was required to deal with that only. Daily I have to meet at least 3 officers.

Mediation processes were also monitored by me.

There are only 2 people – she and her assistant. But she always has 4-5 interns. So, the chamber is always lively.

She is a very renowned personality in Delhi High Court. Judges know her by her name, so it was a matter of prestige to intern under her.

Best Things

Best thing is the High Court cafeteria.

Sorry, its out of context but we used to spend a great deal of time there, perhaps more than two hours a day.

Bad Things

Bad thing is that she is a little short tempered, but then she is a very nice lady and does care for her interns.



Any Other Thing

Never leave on proofs.

Whenever you get any internship confirmed, make sure you have a proof (an e-mail) for the same.

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  1. i can understand you agony buddy… i went the through the same thing and while reading this you made me remember my time. But, truly if one certainly wants to learn the basics, it’s the correct office and she is the correct person.

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