Internship Experience @ Chambers of KTS Tulsi, Delhi: Stipend Rs 7500, Enhance your public speaking skills

Your Name

Latika Choudhary

Name of Organisation

Chambers of KTS Tulsi, Jangpura, New Delhi.

Application Process

The application procedure is surprisingly simple even though its a huge name to work for.

You have to send in your CV at the official mail address i.e. and do a regular follow up by calling their office every once in a while.

Make sure to apply well within advance.

Duration of internship

December 1,2013 to December 30th, 2013

First impression

The office looks no less than one of those shiny well built law firms that we all wanna work in.

There were no formalities as such but a small introduction session during the lunch break with Mr. Tulsi.

There was no division of teams as such and so whosoever wanted to work, could get it by approaching any of the associates.

The building is well furnished with a decent library.

Main tasks

I was generally given clerical and due diligence work since the time I interned, the courts had shut down for vacations.

There was also some research work some times or preparing a case brief for Mr. Tulsi.

Apart form that there wasn’t much work in the office to keep you occupied all the time.

Work environment

The associates were friendly and helpful.

They were good to interact with.

Work environment was not very regulated as there were times we had absolutely nothing to do but watch random silly videos on the internet but when we did get work it was plenty to keep us busy throughout.

To sum up there were lazy days and busy days!

Best things

There are very few law firms where you get to interact with the senior most partner EVERYDAY!

Mr. Tulsi made it a point to join us all for lunch every day.

So the associates and interns used to sit with him and have lunch together.

It was one of the most remarkable things about the internship.

This was the time we utilized to interact with him as much as we could.

We were made to present debates and moots on various propositions and ongoing topics during the lunch hour and got feed back from the man himself!

And of course, the lunch served was pretty amazing too (everyday!).

Bad things

I would have to say for people interested in litigating, this may not be the best place to be as there is not much scope to learn.

We had no access to files and did not get any major drafting work, that being the only negative point.


Rs 7500

Biggest Lessons

Public speaking is extremely important for a person aspiring to be a good lawyer. even more so if you want to get into litigation.

This internship was all about enhancing your public speaking and being aware of how to speak what you speak about.

If you are wanting to work here be prepared to undergo a lot of discussion sessions which will only prove to be beneficial in every way possible.

Any Other Thing

Not exactly a must intern place but good for a one time experience!

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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