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Internship @ Chambers of Adv Vrinda Grover, Delhi: Research Work & Court Visits, Nurturing Litigation Interests

Name. Year. College.

Nipasha Mahanta, 2nd year, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Organisation. City.

Chambers of Vrinda Grover, Senior Advocate. Delhi.

Office-N-SQ7, Saket, New Delhi

Team: One Junior Lawyer, Miss Ratna Appender

Application process.

The CV, application had to be mailed at [email protected]

It is better to attach a writing sample. This adds an edge to one’s application. However, the writing sample must be of a decent standard.

If it’s otherwise, it can turn against oneself. This is more so because, the interns are entrusted with substantial research work by Vrinda Ma’am.

One can follow up if no response is received within two weeks. Her contact number is 09582486431.

 Accommodation: where and how was it?

I stayed at E-block, South Extension, Part 1. The name of the PG is ‘Home Hostel’. The phone no. of the owner is 9953523043 (Swapnali Ma’am).

The rate is Rs 7000/month for a double occupancy room excluding AC and food. Its location is in a residential colony and hence, it is very safe. The stay was quite comfortable.

The only problem was food. There are tiffin services but that hardly matched tastefulness. For two months, I just gulped in for sustenance.

Duration. Timings.

13th May, 2015 to 5th June, 2015. 10 am to 8 pm. Saturdays are working.

Since Vrinda Ma’am involved interns in research work pertaining to ongoing cases, the timings were quite unpredictable and were subject to the

First day formalities, etc.

The office is located at SQ7, Block N, Saket, near PVR Saket.  The buses which cover the route are numbered as 500, 501, 509, 512, 532, 546, 680.

After entering through the main gate, and upon taking the first left and the first right, the house at the end of the lane is the one.

The interns are made to sit in the second floor while Ma’am sits in the first.

I was asked to fill in my details in the internship directory by the clerk, Sanjay bhaiyya.

Main Tasks.

This internship honed my research skills a great deal. Ratna Ma’am was the one for allotting work. If an intern is able to impress Ma’am with the first assignment, one can easily get substantial research work.

I was given central issues pertaining to contemporary cases. My research was also used for framing arguments by Ma’am.

Vrinda Ma’am was really encouraging. She whole-heartedly appreciated my work. Hence, this internship ended up helping me improving my research skills a big deal. Ratna Ma’am was quite approachable.

She was always there to provide clarifications. However, she was herself very diligent and likewise, she expected the interns to follow her lead.

The office expected devotion and sincerity. I was lucky enough to accompany Vrinda Ma’am for court proceedings and witness her argue at the court room.

The way she articulated and delivered her arguments was enough to create goosebumps in someone who someday aspired to be her like!

Work environment. People.

The work environment was a peaceful one. One had to carry one’s own laptop and mobile internet connectivity. However, access to databases were provided through Vrinda Ma’am’s account. Passwords were shared to that extent.

Both Vrinda Ma’am and Ratna Ma’am were very encouraging.

Ratna Ma’am has to be mentioned specially because she made sure to provide central importance to diligent interns, never rebuked them uselessly and was instrumental in teaching efficient researching techniques.

Best things.

Great experience for developing researching skills. It is perfect for someone aiming a career in litigation.

One-to-one interaction with Vrinda Ma’am instilled inspiration and zest to keep working for contemporary causes.

Learnt lessons of sincerity and diligence and the fact these are highly appreciated in the professional circuit.

Bad things.

None as such. I was immensely satisfied with the work. Just that at times, it used to get late which gave panic attacks to my parents for my safety concerns!

Surrounding places.

There is the Saket market nearby where street food was available. There were also cafes on the same road. It was a street filled with hustle-bustle.



Biggest lesson.

It is a myth that interns are allotted only clerical work.

One has to win the confidence of the Advocate for him/her to trust you to work with substantial issues!

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