Internship Experience @ Chamber of SC Advocate Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi, New Delhi: Detailed Research on Need for Compensation

Your Name, College, Year of Study

Surbhi Karwa, 3rd Year, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University- Lucknow

Name of Organization, Location, Team Strength

Chamber of Supreme Court Advocate on Record Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi, Address- West Zakir Nagar, Delhi

Team Strength

Mr. Fuzail, One Senior Associate- Mr. Anas Tanwir Siddqui and Associate Ms. Kanishka Prasad.

We were four interns in total.

Application Process

I applied through personal contact.

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

However, one can also apply through resume.

Duration of Internship

It is flexible.

I interned from 2nd December 2015 to 23rd December 2015.


I never bothered about timings because there was so much to learn in the office and I absolutely loved the office.

There are no fixed timings. It depends upon the work which is to be completed on that particular day. However Mr. Ayyubi is very considerate and understanding. One can discuss and negotiate the timing with him.


The office is not a flashy one. But it has everything which a chamber ideally needs.

First Day, First Impression

We were asked to report at Delhi High Court. The very first day we got a chance to work on filing and defect curing in writs with Mr. Siddqui and Ms. Prasad.

Throughout the internship both of them were more than mere seniors.

They guided us and helped us for not only work but also with the day to day problems we faced while living in Delhi.

Afterwards, we went to the Chamber as well and were given translation work. There are no first day formalities.

Main Tasks

We regularly visited the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Saket District Court and DRT. Work at the office-

1. Case Briefing.

2. Filing petitions and working on curing defects.

3. Translation and typing work.

4. Helping in drafting and proof reading various types of legal documents.

5. Research work on constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law and on various branches of civil law.

6. Attending clients.

We also conducted a detailed research on Need for Compensation and Accountability of Investigating Authorities in Cases of Wrongful Conviction and wrote an article which will be taken further for policy/legislative intervention in this regard.

Good Things

This office guides its interns with an aim to make ‘a lawyer out of them’. So, the work environment is simply wonderful and intern friendly.

All the seniors are always ready and willing to guide interns. Mr. Ayyubi made it a point that we don’t sit idly and waste our time.

He will always discuss issues with us, give us work and guide us.

The office deals with almost every field of law and thus the experience was diverse.

All the people in the office from clerk to Mr. Ayyubi, were very friendly, humble, helpful and considerate.

One gets to observe life of advocates very closely at this office.

Lastly, nothing is better than being appreciated for the work you have done. Mr. Ayyubi appreciates even the smallest of the good work done by an intern which is a huge boost up and motivation to work further hard.

Bad Things

I am unable to find any bad thing.

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