Internship Experience @ Chamber of Amar Sinha, Jharkhand, Ranchi: Friendly People, Practical Learning

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Shyamali Panda, Soa National Institute of Law, 2014-2019

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Chamber of Amar Sinha, Advocate on record Jharkhand High Court, Morabadi, Ranchi, 2 members

Application Process with contact details

I applied for the internship by sending him an email and later on by visiting his chamber which is located on the ground floor of the Jharkhand High Court.

He sits in Room No.3 and his office “Sanjay Bhawan” is located on the Harihar Singh Road, Morabadi, Ranchi.

Duration of internship and timings

Duration- December 12, 2014- January 3, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When I first went to meet him I was very excited to work with the most renowned lawyer of Jharkhand and was also very nervous at the same time since it was my first internship.

To be very honest when I first saw him he came out as a very grave, serious and strict person to me but when he started talking I realized that he was very simple and generous.

He made me feel very comfortable and then yeah the rest of the days just went by with him giving me a lot cases to read and to analyse it.

Since I was just done with my first semester he was very particular about the kind of work that he gave me so that it wont be difficult for me to understand.

To suffice it all he taught me a lot of things which gave confidence to me as a law student.

Main tasks

Since I was just done with my first semester he mostly gave me to read cases on specific performance of contract and used to ask me to submit him a report after doing a detailed analysis of the case.

He also used to teach me things in a very practical way, what he used to do was whenever any client showed up with a case he used to ask me to listen to whatever that client was telling to him and later on he used to ask me to explain him what I have understood and what approach should I being a lawyer take to help him out.

He always used to tell me one thing that “Law is nothing but the rational extension of common sense”. Now I understand what he meant by that.

Work environment and people

Being the senior most lawyer of Ranchi a lot of juniors used to work under him and I had interaction with all those newbie lawyers on a daily basis.

They used to share their experience of law school and used to help me whenever I faced any kind of difficulties.

All in all the work environment was very good and the people working under him were also very kind and generous.

Best things

The best thing about that place was his whole family was into law. His dad famously known as “Bansi Babu” inspired us a lot.

Most of the time he used to come and guide us. So it would not be wrong to say that not only Amar sir took care of us but the whole of his family used to come one by one and help us.

Bad things

The only bad thing that I can think about is due to his huge load of work he could never give us much time, though utmost care was taken by his juniors and his other family members.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The most important gyaan that he gave me was “Law is nothing but the rational extension of common sense”.

My approach towards law changed by this simple mantra that he gave me. I could think in a more wider sense and did not restrict my mind to only books. This helped me a lot in my academics as well as my moots.


I stayed at one of my friend’s house as it was located in the Morabadi area which was the location of his office. It was a 15 min walk from my place.So yeah since it was not a PG I didn’t face any problem. It felt like a second home to me.

Office Timings

I used to report him at evening 6:30 and he used to leave me sharp at 8:30. On the very first day itself he asked me that would it be okay for me to come in the evening hours since he comes back from the high court around that time and it would not be possible for him to give me time in the morning hours.

I am not trying to brag over here but I was always on time so I do not really know whether the timings were strict or not.


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