Internship Experience @ Chakraborty & Associates, Kolkata: The real world starts outside the campus

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Kunal Dey, College of Legal Studies, U.P.E.S, Dehradun, Second Year

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

Chakraborty & Associates, Temple Chambers, 1st floor, 6 Old Post office Street. Kolkata- 700001

Application process with contact Details

One can apply by mailing their CV to the email address [email protected] or one can also apply by directly contacting one of the partners of the firm:

1) Avishek Guha-9830956258

2) Saptarshi Datta-8584859852

Duration, Timings

June 30th to July 27, 2014

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

Being a First Year Law Student, I was very excited to imbibe the firm culture as it has always fascinated me.

The First day formalities mainly comprised of meeting Mr. Avishek Guha at 10:30 am sharp as they are very strict regarding their firm working hours.

I was then alloted an associate under whom I was going to learn the nature of affairs of the firm and also any other relevant information.

The firm is not that big in size but it has all the necessary infrastructure required for the smooth running of its business.

Main Tasks

As a first year law student, though I started off with mainly clerical work like making annexures and preparing briefs but soon I started working under Mr. Saptarshi Datta who handled mostly Consumer Court and City Civil Court cases and thus under his guidance and support along with the additional help from Mr.Datta’s junior, Sreemoyee Ghosh, I understood the procedures of Consumer and Civil Court.

I was also sometimes given the task of filing cases on behalf of my senior. I also handled few relevant things related to BankDrt and also learnt how to prepare Due Dilligence Report or DDR in popular language.

Work environment, People

The work environment of this particular firm was extraordinary. One can call it “The Coolest Firm” and also the youngest as all the associates and the senior partners are not more than 38 years of age.

Everyone is very supportive and their humility creates a learning atmosphere in the firm which makes it the perfect place to intern for anyone who wants to understand the intricacies of legal procedures.

Best Things

The best things for me in this firm would be:

Firstly, the people of this firm.

Second, the work culture and ambience.

Thirdly, the quality of work given to interns

Fourthly, The guidance any first or second year law intern might require.


No stipend.

Though the Firm would pay for the all the travelling and other expenses one would incur in order to do the firm`s work.

Biggest Lessons

What You will learn through one year in Litigation Practice will be much more compared to what you will learn in Five Years of your Law School.

The real world starts outside the Campus.

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