Internship Experience @ Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance, National Law University Delhi: Rs. 10,000 Stipend


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance, National Law University Delhi, 2

Application Process with contact details

I responded to an email sent out by the Centre. Although the email was sent to the students of NLU Delhi only, The Centre accepts interns from outside.

You can send queries about internships to [email ID removed on request].

Duration of internship and timings

One Month, From January 1, 2015 To January 31, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day we were invited to his office by Dr. Jeet Singh Mann, who is the Director of CTAG.

The meeting was quite informal and we were explained the work we had to do during the internship. Our doubts were clarified and the requisite materials for the internship were given to us.

The office is a single Air-Conditioned room, but during the course of the internship we spent no more than 2-3 days here.

Main tasks

The main task was primary data collection from Beneficiaries of Legal Aid Services in different Legal Districts of Delhi. We achieved this by the way of questionnaires that were already provided to us.

We went to a number of District courts such as Saket and Karkardooma District Courts and went to random people asking if they had engaged a Legal Aid Council.

If they had, we collected data from them regarding the performance of the Legal Aid Councils. Other tasks included the collection of data from Judicial Officers, DLSA Directors and Legal Aid Councils.

Work environment and people

The work environment was nice and stress free after I got used to handling my responsibilities which took around 3-4 days.

Dr. Mann was particularly nice to work with and my interactions with him were mostly informal. He was approachable regarding the work, doubts, discussions and other things.

My co-intern was my senior and I enjoyed my time with him.

Best things

The best things for me was the fact that I could actually see the Judicial System working and it helped me understand the difference between how it’s showcased in popular media and how it works in reality.

I was able to understand the problems of people who could not afford a decent legal counsel, and the different facets of the problems associated with the Free Legal Aid system.

It was a great learning experience for a First Year Student as I had no knowledge of the actual working of the Judicial System.

Bad things

There was no specifically bad thing about the internship except that sometimes the work seemed monotonous and the work duration was long when included the travel time.

If you have problems approaching strangers, a lot of whom can be hostile (not physically) then the work wouldn’t be recommended as it is basically that.


Rs 10,000

Biggest Lessons

The System of Courts in India is not what is portrayed generally by popular media. People with meagre resources face a lot of problems and the Free Legal Aid System needs a lot of changes for efficient functioning.

Any Other Thing

Recommended if you haven’t had an internship allowing field visits to District Courts.

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