Internship Experience at the Centre for Justice, Law and Society: Good Mentorship & Varied Legal Research


Name of the intern

Tanaya Das

Name of your college

Chanakya National Law University (Patna)

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL.B | 4th Year

Name and address of the organisation

The Centre for Justice, Law and Society (formerly known as the Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology – CHLET).

Duration of internship

From: 01/06/2021 Till: 30/06/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I had mailed my CV along with the cover letter and statement of interest (around 300 words) to and cc the same to, and

Selection of CV and statement of interest is followed by a telephonic interview. The duration of interview is of 3 to 5 minutes.

They will ask you about the reason for applying in the center and some question on related to your CV. Upon selection they will provide you with the acceptance letter within a week.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

The stress is for the importance of capacity to learn, which must be developed at the earliest stage possible. Imparting of knowledge should be there which is a transcendental one crossing all socially created artificial barriers and not a negotiated relationship bound by terms and conditions.

These are the words of eminent jurist Nani Palkhivala.

The imparting of knowledge should be such that promotes imagination and creativity.

This capacity to learn should be combined with researching skills, which can be developed by internships experiences.

Main Tasks

They didn’t make us do any typical work.

2 clerks were there especially to assist and co-ordinate with us. All the other interns, officials of CHLET were very cooperative.

Work Environment

The internship was online due to the pandemic. The internship will be reading and writing intensive and will also include designing and editing tasks.

The main tasks were preparing write-ups, case briefs, literature review and presentation.

Each intern is allotted a mentor. The mentor will allot you the work and guide you towards the task.

The interns will have the opportunity to work on issues at the intersection of law and marginalization.

Topics such as abortion law, LGBTQ communities’ rights, health law, caste, SRHR, etc were dealt with.

Good Things

The internship is all about learning, reading and interaction. The mentors are highly co-operative and approachable.

In case of any queries related to work you can ask them directly.

In case of any mistake, they will never reprimand you, rather they will try to make you understand and tell you how to improve.

Bad Things

There will be no stipend as CHLET is working for public welfare and not for any commercial purpose.

All the work which the interns are made to do, will also be in favor of the public. 



Details about accommodation and commute

Due to the pandemic the internship was virtual so there wasn’t any need to travel to any part of the country.

Anything else?

Seminars on any legal issue or human rights issues were conducted after a gap of a few days, which were actually very knowledgeable and interesting.

Topics were usually like sedition and the Rohingya’s issue, amongst others.

Material to support the interns, doing the above-mentioned work was also sometimes provided by them.

It was totally a great experience with almost no pressure.


1. Helps interns make their own opinions about the political and other issues going on in the country;

2. Helps interns enhance their writing skills; and

3. Helps interns enhance their researching skills.

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