Virtual Internship Experience at Centre For Criminology and Victimology: Valuable Mentorship

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study 


Name and Full Address of the Organization 

Centre for Criminology and Victimology, National Law University Delhi 

Golf Course Rd, Pocket 1, Sector 14 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110078

Duration of Internship 

4 Weeks (1st March- 31st March) 

How did you Apply? 

I applied via mail. I sent my CV along with the cover letter at An interview followed. 

I received a reply a few days before the internship was to commence.  

Application Process 

I applied in the Month of February for a month-long internship with the centre. I later on received  a call for an interview followed by a confirmation. There are certain formalities that need to be completed prior to the commencement of internship. Generally, the internship is conducted offline giving you access to the library and NLU-D campus, however, due to the pandemic it was an  online internship so accommodation was not an issue. 

First Day Formalities, Impression 

I was allotted a mentor, who I was supposed to report at the start of the Internship programme. I  was allotted tasks and a spreadsheet to update about the same. If I had any doubts, I could easily  reach out to my mentor for help (When asked, it’s never denied).

She explained everything to me  in a precise manner- what has to be done? How it has to be done? Where can I find the resources?  Etc. If I faced difficulty in completing the task, my mentor either helped me resolve it or allotted  me a different task. As it’s an online internship, the work hours are flexible.

At the end of the day,  the tasks were to be submitted via mail and the logbook was to be filed to keep a track of work  done by you.  

Main Tasks 

The tasks allotted to me were majorly concerned with Research on criminology and victimology.  In my initial days, I worked on criminology in India- post 2000. Later on, I was asked to prepare  drafts on Rehabilitation of victims of commercial sexual exploitation, Forgiveness in the criminal  justice system etc. Sometimes, small tasks are allotted on an urgent basis.  

Once you submit your work, the mentors provide you with feedback and encourage you to improve  your work until you reach a level of perfection.  

Good Things 

Guidance. Improvement. Encouragement. 

They guide you and encourage you to improve your work. If you are willing to learn about criminology and victimology while improving your Research skills, this would be a good starting point for you. They would also provide you with constructive criticism when you fail to produce quality work. But, that would help you grow. All in all, it’s a good place to learn and grow.  

Bad Things

It was an online internship so you would miss out the Delhi campus [But, safety is important:)].  The experience differs on the basis of work provided. You work on ongoing projects, so you might have different feelings towards the work allotted. For me, sometimes it became tiresome writing research drafts in such short time limits.

At times, I had to stay up late to finish my research. Other than that, there’s nothing bad.  

I wish you all the luck!!!!! 



Anything Else?

At the end, you would be submitting your logbook on the basis of which you would be provided with an internship certificate.

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