Internship Experience @ Centre for Child and the Law, NLSIU, Bangalore: Motivating Work Environment, Research Work



Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Centre for Child and the Law, NLSIU, Bangalore, 10

Application Process with contact details

I came to know about the organization through Lawctopus.

I was keenly interested to join the organization .

The organization has three main Program:

  • Juvenile Justice,
  • Right to Education,
  • Right to Food/Child Marriage.

Student who applies for internship must express his area of interest from the above mentioned programs, send his/her Resume and accordingly they will forward the application.

Also the student must also send us a writing sample (350-500 words on the subject of interest within the scope of child rights) and mention the period (Dates/Month) of internship through there email id:

Duration of internship and timings

Full-time internship. I worked for a month with them from 30th of May to 28th of June.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first interaction with the fellow program head, Anuroopa Mam was very warm as she greeted me and my fellow interns very well. She explained the working of CCL and than allotted us with our coordinators.

When I was allotted my first task and that was been asked to be completed in just two days I found the work to be hectic .But when I realized the proper functioning of CCL and how each and every member of the CCL team burn their midnight oil and work for such a noble cause my perspective about the tasks allotted changed and I started believing myself to be an essential part of the team.

My all expectations to work for the juveniles and their upliftment was fulfilled and the proper functioning of this organization has motivated me to work of the Juvenile Justice and CCL.

Main tasks

I have been allotted the major work of preparing draft related to the JJ Act, 2015 and the Draft Modern Rules, 2016.

I worked under Arlene ma’am so she heads the Juvenile justice team so I was given research work, preparing data entries and case reading, drafting, provisions involved, report making, article writing related to the current area of work, a field visits to the JJB board, CWCs, observation homes, APSA and had to submit my observations after visiting each place also to compare whether the working of the law complies with the method mentioned in the specific act.

I could give my suggestions and opinions on each aspect of the law, its working etc. I had to do extensive reading about the laws in U.SA. having a comparison drawn between the Indian laws and US laws.

I gave a presentation on my whole internship at the last day and that turned out be a healthy one as the members brought my faults and the group discussion helped me out in increasing my knowledge.

The internship has changed my perspective about children and really encouraged me to work with CCL and also for the upliftment of the children. It has helped me draw a new opinion about juveniles and thus turned out to be my most beneficial decision.

Work environment and people

The Unit of juvenile justice consists of mainly 5 members with Madam Arlene Manoharan as their Program head. All the team member were supportive and patiently responded to every query you have.

The atmosphere of the organization is also very nice and the kind of treatment given to an intern is also appreciable.

Best things

A person who is genuinely interested to work in the area of child rights and law should intern with CCL-NLSIU. It is a great place to work in and the CCL team is very cooperative and responds to each and every query very patiently and cordially.

Through this internship process your personality may change, you may became more committed to work, became punctual, get a feeling of employee. All the members of the team are really helpful and take due care of their interns.

The library is well equipped and up to date. You are given to work and use books inside NLSIU library which is very resourceful.

Bad things

As such the work environment is good I have not came across any bad things or flaws in the internship.

For the students who are looking to go for:

Variety of work rather the same one;

Exposure to actual court proceedings;

Sometimes you would be face difficulty to meet the seniors, for your queries, due to their busy schedule.

The area of accommodation is in outskirts of Bangalore which might be inconvenient in terms of safety and security for the female interns.



Biggest Lessons

It would add more feathers to your CV. It would help gain knowledge about the JJ Act and the POCSO Act which is not taught by almost all law school in India and you would also know how an NGO works.

The hard work put in by the members is also appreciable and that makes you more motivated to work.


I stayed in P.G.-Spring Fields PG Accommodation. Near Nagarbhavi Circle, Bangalore

Office Timings

Working hours is from morning 9:30 am to evening 5 pm with a break for lunch.


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