Internship @ Capstone Legal, Jaipur: Rs. 2500-6000 Stipend

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

Capstone Legal, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Team Strength: 08

Application process with contact Details

The Application process starts by submitting the CV & Purpose Statement on the Internships Page on the website of Capstone Legal HERE & mailing the CV to [email protected]

After completing the formalities given above, one of the associates shall fix a time for the telephonic interview. Generally, questions related to past internships/online courses etc are asked.

Intimation of the result is sent by email, followed by a letter affirming internship opportunity.

Duration, Timings

Sept 2014 – October 2014, Timing: 10:30AM to 7PM

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

I was asked to report to the Rajasthan High Court at 10:30AM in formals. Mr. Ashish K Singh & Vagish K Singh generally have nearly 6-8 cases listed daily but they make it a point to meet all the interns on the first day.

The Firm has two offices in Jaipur. One of the offices is located on Kabir Marg, which is used for meeting clients during Court Hours.

No attendance register is maintained but interns are expected to report on time.

Main Tasks

While I was interning, the firm was engaged with a major litigation. I was asked to prepare case-notes, summaries and go through the files. No intern was ever asked to do clerical tasks such as Photocopies, getting Coffee etc.

Two Interns are assigned to each Partner and they are responsible for reading the files and finding relevant case law. I was asked to research on issues related to Central Excise Law & Customs Act.

Work environment, People

Work Environment in the firm is like an extension of working in College. Ashish Sir and Vagish Sir are young and energetic. They make it a point to share their practical experience which they learnt by arguing several cases at Supreme Court & High Courts.

While I was at the firm, couple of cases were reported by Judges and we were asked to compile the judgments related to the cases which were reported. One of the Judgments Dalveer Singh v. State of Rajasthan was reported in Cr.L.J.

Ashish Sir and Vagish Sir are very helpful but when it comes to discipline, they remind us of their work as Convenors of Disciplinary Committee (SDGM) at NLS, Bangalore 😛

Best Things

Constant Guidance and Help by Partners of the Firm is second to none. I have interned in other law firms too, but I found that Capstone Legal recognizes that no one is born learned. Partners make it a point to discuss complex legal issues.

Interns are also required to sit for Client Conferences so that they can understand the needs and requirements of the Client. This is something unique which I found while working with Capstone Legal.

We had two firm outings in one month in which all the interns were invited . At Capstone Legal, it was a learning experience for me.

Bad Things

One thing which I found lacking was that interns are expected to work on Saturdays and Sundays too. Although, they are never denied a holiday during weekdays.


Rs. 2500-6000 per month. Stipend is discretionary and depends on the quality of work.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson that I learnt was that it is not necessary to have a legal background, in order to build a practice of law.


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