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Internship Experience @ The Office of The Advocate General of Karnataka: My little contribution to defending the stand of State of Karnataka

By: Jehosh Paul | December 4, 2017

Name of the Intern

Jehosh Paul, 2nd Year, School of Law, Christ, Bengaluru.

Name of Organisation

The Office of Advocate General at the High Court of Karnataka

Application Process

The application procedure is surprisingly simple, one can also directly go and ask for an internship at the office but I had mailed them with my CV and a cover letter which was approved by the Advocate General himself. One can apply and expect a reply in a week or two.

Duration of internship

23 October to 17 November 2017

First day formalities

It was a government office located inside the High Court building. On the first day of internship the interns have to contact the people in the administrative office near the Advocate General’s chamber and they assign an assistant government advocate as a supervisor. I asked them to assign me a supervisor who gives lot of work and I was assigned to one of the AGA.

(If someone applies for the internship under the impression that one will work directly under the AG then that’s not happening. However, the Office holds the same value since you are indirectly working under the AG. One can also directly apply for internship under AAG by contacting them directly and can work directly under them)

Main tasks

I was asked to research of the contempt of court cases and read the whole bare act of Contempt of Court Act,1971. I was given the work of bringing the case laws from the library and sometimes from SCC online.

I was also asked to write down the facts of the cases in the memorandum of the case files so that it will help me learn drafting. My supervisor advised me that if I write down the facts of at least 1000 cases then I would have a hold on the legal terminologies and after becoming a lawyer suppose if I get 10 cases then 3 out of it would be which I already know.

I observed court proceedings quite regularly and got to learn about the procedural aspects. It was a delight watching the senior advocates arguing in the high court.

I also got to watch many bureaucrats including the top tier IAS, IPS officers having conversations in the chamber with my supervisor and taking advice on legal proceedings, it was a proud moment because one can understand how much respect a good and able lawyer yields from the society.

A typical day would include reporting at 9:30 am and reading some random case files and assisting the supervisor when asked for and then watching court proceedings till afternoon which is followed by a lunch break and then writing down of the facts of the cases till 5pm. Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

Work environment

The supervisor assigned to me was very brilliant and extremely hardworking advocate but as an intern it did me no good as we have very little conversation and the work vented out to me was mostly clerical and moderate research but then in 2nd year it is still okay since we have a lot of basics to learn and are mostly given research or clerical work at internship.

Best things

Read so many drafts and actively assisted my supervisor in documentation.

There was a hearing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court on Kambala and I was asked to do extensive research on it in order to assist the learned advocate. It was an amazing experience watching the law officers along with the stenos working late into the night in order to make proper documentation on behalf of state of Karnataka and somewhere there was a feeling of joy that even I had contributed my little research in defending the stand of State of Karnataka.

At the end of the day, it is The Office of Advocate General of Karnataka and holds a lot of value not just academically but also adds on to one’s professionalism.

Last but not the least, Masala Dosa at the Canteen.

Bad things

Interns are not taken that seriously and sometimes they just don’t have the time to attend us or allot us work or even talk to us. One does not learn or contribute something very substantially because of the huge load of work which the supervisors already have and the little knowledge a second year student has.

But I personally feel it’s better to intern in such big place although interns are not taken that seriously during the early years at law school when one has little legal education because it holds a lot of CV value and at the same time the work would be mostly clerical even if one works under a small firm.

(NOTE : One’s work and area of research depends upon the supervisor assigned to them. Few of my friends who interned with me in the same office but under a different supervisor had a different experience with more of research work and finding case laws for the cases at hand due to the different area of law which fell within the area of concern for our respective supervisors.)





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