Internship Experience at Vohra and Vohra IP Attorneys, Gurugram: IPR Research and Drafting Work, Court Visits


Name of the Student, College and Year of Study

Udit Tewari, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, 5th Year

Organisation and Address

Vohra and Vohra IP Attorneys

Address: L-4073, Devinder Vihar, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

Duration of internship

I interned at Vohra and Vohra for 1 month.

How you applied?

I applied by mailing my CV to the firm.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

There were no first day formalities as such. I was introduced to everybody around the office on my first day. I was allotted a personal space to work which was next to my reporting associate. General introduction regarding the tasks and obligations that I was expected to do as an intern was explained to me.

The office was on the ground floor of the building. I was asked to reach the office at 9:00 AM every morning. According to my past experience, I was expecting the Associates and Senior partners of the firm to come in at 10-11 AM but to my surprise, everybody was present in the office by 9:10 AM. Hence, my first impression of the firm was that the atmosphere around the office was very professional, warm and supportive.

Main tasks

The firm dealt with Litigation as well as the Prosecution of IPR. As an intern, I did research work, drafting, attended court proceedings, trademark watch, wrote articles (which were published afterwards) and many other clerical tasks as well when asked to.

Good Things

This topic is very subjective. According to me if a law student who is eager to learn with a developing interest in the field of IPR Vohra and Vohra is surely the firm you should try to intern in. The associates are helpful, professional and supportive. The firm is an ideal place to intern if someone is looking for hard-core litigation and prosecution of IPR firm.

Generally, it is well-known that when you intern under an IPR firm you would either get work related to Prosecution or Litigation. Further, the work would be categorized into Trademark/Design/Copyright/Patent. Whereas, here not only did I work on both the teams (Prosecution and Litigation) but I also was lucky enough to gain experience in various IPR fields.

The work culture is amazing but not ideal for someone looking for an internship for the sake of a certificate. It was pretty hectic every day. I was on my toes every time. Multitasking is a must in Vohra and Vohra for an Intern.

Further not very often you would get the chance to work and learn right beside the founding partner of a firm, who will ask you to mail them your work and give feedback then and there.

If you ask my personal opinion about how was my experience, I would say that it was totally worth reaching there at 9 in the morning and leaving earliest at 8 PM (keeping in mind that I live in Vaishali-Ghaziabad and used to commute to Gurugram daily that is 4 hrs of travelling daily).

Bad Things

The only bad thing per se was the distance for me. As mentioned above I used to spend a lot of time travelling but now as I have seen on Linkedin the firm is also opening an office in Jangpura. Hence, that issue is also resolved.


I was not given any stipend but was reimbursed travelling expenses pertaining to any of my visits to court.

Accommodation and commuting to the office

You can live nearby in a PG as there are many. For the commuting purpose, metro station is at 3-4 KMs away at max from where you can take a cab or auto for the office.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learned etc

Sorry, there was no time to chill out per se but we did celebrate 4-year Anniversary of the firm while I was there.

Lesson Learned: you should choose the field of law you want to pursue your career in as soon as possible, cause then you can start gaining the practical knowledge of the field through your internships.

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