Internship Experience at Vidhi Associates, Patna: Read Case Files, Observe Court Proceedings

Student Name, College and Year of Study


Name of the Organisation, City and State

Vidhi Associates, Patna, Bihar, India


03rd June 2019 to 24th June 2019

Application Process

A person needs to send their internship application along with their resume to the

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On the very first day of my internship, I had the opportunity to visit district courts and observed the proceedings. All the interns were being introduced to the decorum that should be maintained in the courtrooms.

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I was also introduced to all the other interns and other associates of the firm. After reaching office in the evening, all the interns were also guided about how the files should be arranged, how to make brief notes, list of dates and events of the cases and so on.

I found all the associates of the firm very helping, cooperative and a phenomenal mentor. Tasks for the day were properly organised and were followed by extreme punctuality every day.

Main Tasks

To visit district courts, High Court, Mediation Centre, Arbitration center, for hearing and after that, we had to read that case and understand the proceedings of the same. Our Senior also used to guide all the interns in the matters with which they were dealing. They used to ensure that we were able to understand the procedure and learn at our best.

We were instructed to read files and to create a list of dates and events upon which we used to brief and describe our understandings of the case to our seniors and also we used to have group discussions regarding various aspects of the case.

Apart from this, every day at the office every intern had to read the files that were listed for the next day in various courts, flag them, make a list of dates and events, update its orders and then understand the proceedings in the same case next day.

Good Things

We were also given opportunities to interact with the clients of the firm and discuss their respective cases with them, though which could have our first experience of client counselling.

Bad Things




Accommodation Commute

I live at my home which is in Patna only. But there are many PGs available nearby Ashok Rajpath Patna.

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