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Internship Experience @ Veritas Legal, Law Firm, Mumbai: The work is quite erratic


Personal details:


First day formalities:

You will be greeted by the HR Head at around 10 AM and will be given a tour of the office. It’s a midsized office with around 35 lawyers including 7 partners.

You will be asked about your beverage preference (coffee/tea) and will be served the same twice a day.

General instructions:

Working days are Monday to Friday. First and third Saturdays are working as well. You would be required to be well groomed or be prepared to be given grief about it every day by the HR Head.

Working hours are 10 AM to 7:30 PM at a minimum unless you’re from a Mumbai college, then you can negotiate what time you come at with the Head HR as you probably have early morning classes.

You are allowed to consume food only in the pantry. It is small and therefore has a limited capacity, so make sure you save a seat at lunch time or be prepared to wait till 3 PM.

Work quality and culture:

The work is quite erratic.

You may be free till lunch but then be required to work nonstop till the end of day. I was assigned to the Corporate Team, but ended up working a lot with the associates from the Litigation team as well, which turned out to be the most interesting work; since most of Corporate work was compliance related.

I was required to prepare research notes, prepare case briefs, find caselaw, and find circulars issued by SEBI, RBI, and various state governments in a very short period of time. The work is not of the most interesting kind as it involves research about the existence of provisions/circulars as opposed to research on its surrounding jurisprudence.

The intellectually stimulating work, if any, would mostly come from the Litigation Team, so pounce on the phone when it rings. Know the extension number of all the associates so that you can navigate whose call to pick and who’s to avoid, in the rare circumstance that you don’t like any of the associates/partners.

All the associates are very kind and generous in terms of clarifying doubts you’d have. Interaction with Partners is limited, so jump on that phone if the rare opportunity comes. It’s not a stressful environment and interns are almost never kept late.

I personally, have never heard anyone being yelled at. I stayed at office till around 10 only twice.

All lawyers and interns are expected to call each other by their first name. It was a good experience for my first firm internship, and gave me a certain level of confidence going forward into bigger firm internships.

Also, there’s an open bar every Friday evening onwards. Though, none of us interning there at the time utilized it, you may feel free to do so. Lunch is also served on every working Saturday.

This being my first firm internship, a designation which I hadn’t heard about and found here was the ‘Article Clerk’, they are a step above interns and a notch below associates. The most boring work (formatting documents, making tables, re-making tables, etc.) came from them.

Keep yourself up to date with Mumbai colleges’ project circulars as you may unknowingly have to do their project for them under the guise of firm work and telling the HR about this does not help.

Recruitment process:

From what I could gather, this is one of the few firms that probably prefer students from colleges in Mumbai for internships over NLU students.

Email them at [email protected]. They only accept interns for month long periods, so apply accordingly. Apply at least a month and a half in advance.


INR 3000/-


The office is located in Fort on Charanjit Rai Marg on the first floor of the beautiful Forbes Building. It is around a 20 minute walk from Chrurchgate Station and a 10 minute walk from CST.


There is a lot of extremely cheap street food around the office, and popular fast food chains like Subway, Sbarro and McDonald’s are around the corner, albeit a little expensive.


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  1. Will still apply for an internship at Veritas Legal as I’ve heard otherwise from multiple sources. Especially considering how subjective internships can be, I have had some great experiences at firms where others have had average experiences. Don’t be discouraged based on first experiences.

  2. Very surprising! Me and the other interns had a great experience during my internship at Veritas last year.



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