Internship Experience at Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata: For the most part, the work was really good

Name. College. Year of Study

Kaustubh Rastogi. Gujarat National Law University. 3rd Year

Name of the organization. City

Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata Office.

Duration of the internship. No. of days a week. Timings

4th November to 28th November. 5 days a week. 10 am to 7 pm (Not bad at all for a law firm).

However some days I had to stay back till 7:30 or 8:00.

How big was the office? Team strength?

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The office is on AJC Bose Road and is quite spacious with a separate work station for every intern, as opposed to some organisations that shove all the interns into the conference room.

There were 5 people in the Corporate Team of UUA which was headed by one partner.

The litigation team consisted of 2 associates and was headed by another partner. One of the associates from the litigation team was on sabbatical. So, during my time there, there were just 2 people in the litigation team.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

Most people from Kolkata want to intern at this firm since it is one of the few good firms in the city.

So, it is important to apply in advance. I sent in an email at

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

There weren’t any formalities as such. I was assigned a computer and was introduced to one of the Managerial Associates who was extremely nice. I was later introduced to all the other associates.

I have never interned in a place with a better atmosphere. People wanted the work done but that did not mean you are supposed to just stare at your screen. The associates had a lot of fun and made the interns very comfortable.

Main tasks

One of things I had to work on throughout my internship was Competition Law and towards the end I had to make a presentation on it. I did my other work side by side.

I was given research work on various points of law ranging from Defamation to Labour Laws. We were asked to find case laws on various subject matter.

During the course of my internship, the corporate team was working on due diligence for one of their clients. I had the opportunity to work on that as well.

The best part was whenever the associates gave me a task, they explained the background of the case in great detail and were always ready to clear any doubts. There was very little grunt work and the associates were kind enough to make that sound very important.

Work environment, people

The work environment was brilliant. The associates are SO MUCH fun and they do not treat you like an intern.

The people are very nice and it is not possible for anyone to get bored in this office.

Best Things

1. Brilliant and fun people

2. For the most part, the work was really good

Bad Things

Cannot think of anything bad


No stipend but that will not be an issue for anyone who interns here.

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