Internship Experience @ Think India, Chandigarh: Variety of Cases, Attend Court Proceedings

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Arshi Hayat Gangohi, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 1st Year

Name of Organisation, City, State

Think India, Chandigarh


01st July 2019 to 31st July 2019

Application Process

I saw an internship opportunity on lawctopus by ‘THINK INDIA’, I filled the application in ‘VIDHI’ category, Which was the internship for law students.

Then I received my selection email, and after the orientation programme in Panjab university staff club, they allocate us the offices of advocates of Chandigarh, luckily I was allotted the office of senior advocate Panjab and Haryana high court and assistant solicitor general of India, Advocate Chetan Mittal.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

I was called to the high court on my first day at 10 o’clock. We attend the proceeding of the high court and observed the activities of the high court, and introduced with Chetan sir. They called us in their office in the evening 5 o’clock, But I could not go there that day due to tiredness.

Next day I went there, we received case files of next day court proceeding. We sat in the reading hall/conference hall, where other intern and associate used to sit.

The first-day impression was very formal to me, I had not the idea of case file reading, that thing also tired me. That day, they also gave us a module of the intern, which had the information of that work what we have to do and learn there in the whole month.

Main Tasks

I had the only work of file reading and attending the court proceeding, But It is totally depended on us that how much we can utilize our internship opportunity, because we can get any type of work if we want to do; because of my fever weakness, I could not do much work except reading and learning.

However, I tried to read every type of files like PIL, FAO, CWP, arbitration cases, criminal cases, revenue cases, land cases and almost every type of cases.

In court, I attend the proceeding of every type of cases, I also saw the proceeding of chief justice’s court much time.

Good Things

Of course, I tried to utilize this opportunity as much as I can, By reading the cases, I developed the idea of case filing, drafting and memos. I tried to observe every minor thing in a case, case file and court proceeding.

This was my first internship, so I was not familiar with many things and words in a case and court, I learnt to search the case number and online case timing, I learnt the abbreviations of cases, I learnt the rules and regulations of court, these things can be minor for someone but this was very valuable for me who was unfamiliar to these things of law.

Lastly, this was a very valuable experience for me.

Bad Things

Bad things were not from the internship, but from me, due to my physical weakness I did not utilize this opportunity, I was very disappointed for this, and also due to non-availability of vehicle, I also faced the problem.


I did not get any stipend for this, but in my opinion, this was my first internship, and also with an assistant solicitor general of India, so this was very equal to a stipend.

At the last day of the internship, they gave us a packet of pocketbooks of the major bare act, IPC, CrPC, CPC, Evidence act.

Accommodation Commute

In Chandigarh, I live in a hostel so we had no problem with accommodation, we used to receive the bus at university gate no.2 for high court at 9:45 AM; and for office, I used to take the auto-rikshaw for sector 17; from the round-about of sector 17, it was taken 5 minutes to reach their home-cum-office in sector 21 A.

If anyone wants to take PG, they can take easily in sector 21A, my co-intern Shivam used to live in PG, which was before the office.

Other Info

My overall experience was very good in their office; their associate was a very nice person; after the first and second day, we never felt the boredom and any kind of tiredness there.

There was no any formal serious environment, which can easily tired a person; our guide udit sir was a very nice person, who was ready to give the answer of our any question; and other co-intern especially my batchmate Nirmal Sharma was very helpful in this whole internship.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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