Internship Experience @ The Law Desk, Jaipur: Civil, Criminal, Consumer, IPR, Corporate and Arbitration Law Research Work

Student Name, College and Year of Study


Name of the Organisation, City and State

The Law Desk, Jaipur, Rajasthan


17th June 2019 to 13th July 2019

Application Process

I attached my resume along with a cover letter and a writing sample and mailed it at hr[at]

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On my first day of the internship, I was welcomed by one of the associates over there who then showed me the place where the interns who joined before me were already sitting.

After that, I went to one of the Associates and asked her to allow me some work. She then gave me a case file and asked me go read it and later on allotted me research work related to the case.

Main Task

The main task during my internship at the Law Desk was to read the files related to civil, criminal, consumer, intellectual property, corporate law, arbitration, research upon the related matters and do the drafting of the matters listed in the near future.

We were given several during the internship that was making brief, summaries of the consumer matters, research and drafting work such as PIL, Reply, Rejoinder, Written arguments, First appeal, etc. We were also given the task to file notices, replying to them. I also attended proceedings of the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur bench and observed the working over there.

Good Things

The best thing about this internship is that you get practical exposure and encouragement towards working hard. Since it’s a Full-Service firm, you get to deal with different fields of work which makes us understand where actually our interest lies.

Sir believes that the interns should indulge in drafting work more rather than just reading files as it gives them more exposure. We also used to get evening snack treats from Sir from time to time. Here we also receive a stipend of INR 3000 along with a T-Shirt and a bare Act of the Constitution of India.

Bad Things

When I joined the office, the court was observing summer breaks and therefore there was comparatively lesser work to be done. Also, the number of interns were too much that sometimes we used to get the same work only.


The stipend is paid to encourage interns for their work hard and contribution towards the research. All the interns are paid Rs. 3000.

In addition to this, we got a Bare act of The Constitution of India and a Law Desk Shirt.

Accommodation Commute

The location of the office is Tilak Nagar, therefore there are a large number of Pgs available in Raja Park, Gurunankpura, Jawahar Nagar. You can easily find them on google as per your convenience.

Other Info

The location of the office is Raja park, which is one of the prime locations of Jaipur. So during our lunch break which is generally of 1 hour, we used to go to the nearby cafes or order food online and then eat it in the pantry with the other interns.

The work environment at The Law Desk is very good and calm. All the associates are very caring and understanding and are always ready to help the interns in every possible ways. Adv. Prateek Kasliwal sir gives particular importance to the interns and conducts the intern meeting from time to time in which he asks us why did we join a law school and counsels us in the best possible way.

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