Internship Experience @ SVS Associates, Jabalpur: Visits to High Court and Debt Recovery Tribunal, Caring Environment

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Name, University and Year

Anand Singh, 3rd year National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

About the Organisation:

SVS Associates, MP High Court Jabalpur.

Mr. Siddharth R Gupta is the Managing Associate/Partner in the firm who handles the entire work.

How you applied?

One may mail their cover letter along with their CV for internship opportunities at SVS Associates on svsassociates.adv[at]

Duration of Internship:

The minimum period of internship that one has to do here is of 30 days (one may do even longer but the minimum is 30 days). I did from 3rd of May 2019 to 2nd June 2019.

Dress Code:

The office is particular about the dress code and the dress code required is a proper black blazer, pant, black tie, white shirt and black polished shoes.


10:00 am to 10:30 pm is the office timing amidst which you will be going to attend court proceedings.

Work of Internship:

In the morning, Siddharth Sir used to assign work to every intern including me. I was provided with a Cause list which had the number of cases which we had the next day in the High Court.

We were supposed to attend the court proceedings after reading the cases given in the Cause List, as it enabled us to have a better understanding of the case and the law that the case was dealing with.

I got to know how the cases are filed in HC and how defaults are removed from the cases. Apart from this, I also had exposure to work in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Jabalpur where also I had an occasion to visit and observe the proceedings.

I was given research work, drafting work and managerial work which made me realize about the field I’m good at.

Sir used to give me dictations or made me sit where he used to give dictation to steno. He also used to give me the names of the cases which I had to read and later he used to discuss it with me.

This made me feel lucky as this doesn’t happen very often that an intern is seriously checked regarding his work.

Siddharth Sir deals with the cases in Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and Indore Bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court as well.

So, I got extensive opportunities of accompanying him to Delhi High Court/Supreme Court and Indore bench for assisting in his outstation matters. Also had an opportunity of attending the proceeding of Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Indore Bench of MP High Court, as I used to accompany him on his outstation trips.

Goes without saying that the whole office is extremely caring and there are absolutely no issues about basic requirements like snacks, cold drinks, etc. and rest of the things are taken care of.


Sheila Talkies Compound, South Civil Lines, Main Road, Jabalpur which is in the heart of the city and in the vicinity of HC and CAT.

Also, there are good places to eat near the office to kill your cravings.

Finding Accommodation in the vicinity of the office is also quite convenient as the office is centrally located in the heart of the city, around which a number of options of stay are available.


A stipend of Rs. 5000 was provided to me at the end of my internship period of 31 days.

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