Internship Experience at SVS Associates, Jabalpur: Court Visits, Legal Drafting and Research Work

Name of Student, College and Year of Study

Shivansh Vishwakarma, The National Law Institute University, Bhopal, IInd Year

About the Organization

SVS Associates, MP High Court, Sheila Talkies Compound, South Civil Lines, Main Road, Jabalpur (M.P).

Application Procedure

One needs to send an email to svsassociates.adv[at] for applying as an intern in the Office along with an updated CV.

Duration: 2nd January 2020 to 26th January 2020

Dress Code

Dress for working days, i.e., from Monday to Friday, is the formal Court dress and during weekends and holidays (yes, we do work on weekends and holidays without any breaks), one can wear semi-formal clothes.

Tasks at Work

Here, one has to deal with a wide spectrum of tasks, ranging from researching on asked questions of law to actually attending Court proceedings and also getting involved in the procedural matters of the Court.

Researching through MP Law Journals and other offline resources is also asked from the interns. The office has a diverse library base. Drafting, reading of case files and accompanying Sir on his trips to other cities for attending Court proceedings are other types of work which one is supposed to do.

I have mentioned here only a few of the many tasks that one does in the Office. To add to this, all the tasks allotted are exciting and challenging.


Anyone who works here can work anywhere. I feel that this is the biggest positive of the Office. I have also worked for CAN Foundation, which is also headed by Siddharth Sir. So, I knew what was expected of me as an intern.

Frankly speaking, I had a great time during my stay at SVS. I, personally, never really felt the workload. The credit for this goes to Sir, who divided the work proportionately to each of his interns. One really helpful man in the Office was Mr. Amit Garg, who is always on his feet to help interns. He is the senior-most junior of the Office and could be your go-to man, just when you feel that life is a little hard at SVS.

One would find a really friendly environment in place while working in the Office. Another positive is getting a stipend, the amount of which varies from person to person and the amount of work one has done. I was given Rs. 5000 as a stipend, which I believe is really overwhelming.


As such there are no negatives if you are willing to give it your all to the Office and if you are willing to learn whatever comes your way, during your stay at the Office. This place is definitely one of a kind and as a result, it requires something extra from the persons working in the Office.

Working on weekends and holidays might be frustrating, for some but believe me, you will cherish the SVS experience your whole life.


I would definitely recommend people to intern under Siddharth Sir, for he is really the one you need in the initial years of your law career so that you could get used to the busy life of a lawyer. All in all, I am fortunate enough to have interned under Siddharth Sir.

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