Internship Experience @ SVS Associates, Jabalpur: Court Visits, Variety of Cases, Making Case Briefs


Rohan Upadhyay, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Pune, Final Year.


SVS Associates, MP High Court, Sheila Talkies Compound, South Civil Lines, Main Road, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.


The minimum period of internship required is of 30 days. I did from 20th of May 2019 to 20th of June 2019.


I applied by sending my CV along with covering letter at svsassociates.adv[at]


The office is particular about the dress code i.e. Black Formal Dress for Law Students, particularly polished shoes.

Timings were from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.


The profile of the office is extremely diversified. There are cases and work not only of High Court but also of multiple other forums like Debt Recovery Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribunal, Delhi High Court, Supreme Court, etc.

In fact, the office has a regular inflow of cases and filings of Delhi High Court, owing to which though the headquarters are at Jabalpur, but there is a lot of handling of work pertaining to Delhi High Court.

Apart from the above, there are abundant opportunities for the interns to accompany Siddharth Gupta Sir (who is the principal associate of SVS Associates) in his outstation appearances and matters, viz. to Delhi, Indore or Bhopal at times.

I personally accompanied Siddharth Sir to Indore bench of the High Court for a matter, as also to Delhi High Court for his multiple matters listed on the same day in the Delhi High Court. My to and fro arrangements, along with stay and all expenses were taken care of by the office, without being a penny being spent from my pocket.

Therefore the interns have widespread exposure to not only court work, but also office work, drafting assignments, as also a variety of tasks, which the legal field may relate to. There are prolonged discussion sessions with the client also, whosoever comes to meet Siddharth Gupta Sir personally at his office.

The interns are specially and personally followed by the office management to see that they are involved in all kinds of tasks and assignments, which the office is involved into, including client conferences, court appearances, drafting works, etc.

Therefore within a span of one month, one gets a bird’s eye view of how the legal profession moves and works in action.

Besides, Siddharth Gupta Sir is principally an arguing council. At a very young age, he is personally arguing himself high profile matters of important clients and corporate groups.

Though the time when I joined was during the vacations, even then I could witness at least 7-8 matters in which Siddharth Sir had an occasion to address and make extensive arguments before the court. This also gave me an inside into the court crafts and the way the cases are to be presented in real life in actual court proceedings.

The best part about the office is that there are limited numbers of interns, which are shortlisted every month and are accepted by the office. Not more than 3 or 4 candidates are accepted by the office for working during any duration of 30 days. Along with me, there were 3 other interns who were working contemporary with me.

The office ensures that each and every intern is personally assigned work to the extent he/she is interested in doing the same. Therefore in so far as litigation and litigation related experiences are concerned, SVS Associates is a “must go” place for any law student who is willing to work hard and put at least 14-15 hours of work a day in litigation.


1. There is ample opportunity been given to every such intern, who is interested in working in the office and putting in his own efforts and attention to the work. Siddharth Gupta Sir is smart enough to gauge within a day or so as to who all are the interns who are interested and keen in working and giving attention and effort to the profession.

Depending upon the same, he gives personal attention to oversee that work is assigned to every intern and that is taken to its logical conclusion.

2. The office is highly Tech-Savvy. There are multiple laptops, computers printers available in sufficient numbers in every nook and every corner of the office. This enables the Interns to work upon seamlessly and it’s not necessary that personal belongings like laptops, I-pads have to be carried to office. The office is not only Wi-Fi but fully network LAN connected, with abounded resources, for online research, hard book research, etc.

The entire office is Air Conditioned and even during scorching summers, we never felt uncomfortable working for 10 to 12 hours a day in the office.

3. There are strict instructions to the staff to take care of daily requirements of the interns like Snacks, Soft drinks like Cold drinks, Lassi, Buttermilk etc, whatever the interns falling requirement of.

In fact, if the interns are working beyond time, eateries were also offered to them by the office from its own resources, of good quality. Therefore working in the office is never tiring, nor tedious if somebody is actually interested in working.

4. Siddharth sir personally is the morning, as also in the evening takes an overview of the work performed by each and every intern every day and if it was found that concern intern was not found able to pick up anything, sufficient guidance was also provided.

Like in my case I reached at 10 am every morning, I was specifically instructed to read 4 recent most cases reported in SCC/AIR and prepare written notes on the basis of thereof.

So in a span of 30 days of internship, I read around 60 recent cases reported in SCC/AIR with my written notes, which gave me much insight into legal drafting and understanding of a number of legal principles and statutory provisions, which have not been a part of my curriculum in the law school.

5. Because SVS Associates has a cream quality of clients, Real Estate, Educational groups, Corporates, Medical Colleges, Criminal matters, therefore the work never became monotonous for me, personally because my inclination is towards
litigation only.

I developed stamina of staying in office and working for 11-12 hours a day in SVS Associates, something which I never imagined about doing in life.

6. Other Associates/Juniors of SVS Associates are also extremely cordial. My special thanks to Mr. Amit Garg, Mr. Mehul Agrawal, who have been working with Siddharth Sir for long now. I felt as if I was at home learning about courtroom practice and litigation when I was doing an internship with SVS Associates.


A stipend of Rs. 5000/- was provided to me, which was informed as based on my satisfactory performance and internship.

However, some interns, who were working with me, were not provided with the said stipend, owing to the assessment of their performance and lethargic working at SVS Associates.

Therefore the stipend is completely performance based and to my knowledge, one intern was provided with a stipend of even Rs.7500/-, who was committed and hardworking during the entire duration of the internship period.

Editor’s note: You can read an internship experience of SVS Associates here.

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