Internship Experience at Sundaraswamy and Ramdas Advocates, Bangalore: Civil Laws Research and Drafting Work, Court Proceedings

Name of the Student, College and Year of Study


Name of the organisation where you interned and its full address

Sundaraswamy and Ramdas Advocates, Gandhinagar, Bangalore

Address: Number 24 “Keshava Nivas” Kalidasa Road, Gandhinagar Bangalore – 560 009, India

Duration of internship (mention the exact dates)

2nd Dec to 18th Dec (15 days), 2019

How did you apply?

E-mail ID: admin[at] and kamal[at]

You can email them on either of these email IDs. The firm doesn’t have a strict internship policy as such, so the chances are that you will be taken in no matter which year you’re in. You will be asked to send your CV.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

The office is in Gandhinagar, a little far from the main city but near the HC and City Civil Court, so it is advantageous for court visits. It is on the 1st floor of Keshava Nivas(a building). On my first day, I was asked to fill a confidentiality form and was asked to submit my details.

Then I was accompanied by one of the Associates into the cabin. The interns sit with the Associates and get to listen to them discussing the cases. I was introduced to everyone even though it was a busy Monday morning, and all of them had to go to courts. So to sum it up, they were friendly people.

Main tasks

On my first day, I got a Civil case to read, and then I accompanied one of the Associates to the High Court to see the court proceedings. In my days there, I got work on Personal Laws, Labour Laws, Property Laws, Contract Laws and CPC.

The research work included coming up with arguments in favour of the plaintiff, they were pleading for and finding similar
cases among many others. I also got a chance to go to trial courts and observe various stages of a trial. The firm doesn’t have any restriction as such to the number of court visits, so you can accompanying them to the court is at your discretion.

They’re a full-service law firm and the areas of research work are varied. It is a good thing that the courts are nearby, which gives you the advantage of having more chances of visiting the court. There are other law firms in the same building, and the work is professional.

Good things

You are not forced to work, and the Associates are very supportive and explain if you don’t understand. Since it was my first year, each research work was like learning something new for me.

You can take some time off your schedule and also leave early if your work is done. You’ve got to go and ask for work if you want to learn because of the Associates might be busy with court visits.

Bad things



No stipend

Accommodation, commuting to the office

I stayed in Koramangala, so I had to take a bus. You can find PGs nearby and travel by metro if necessary considering the office is near 3 metro stations(Kempagowda Majestic, Chickpet and Vishwesaraiya Central College).

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc

I got an idea of the profession, how to research, and how it all works.

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