Internship Experience @ Shenoy Associates, Ernakulam, Kerala: Attending Court Proceedings, Case Briefing, Research Work

Name, College and Year

Reshma R Prabhu, SRM University, Delhi NCR, 2nd Year.

Name of the organisation and location

Shenoy Associates, 1st Floor, Vattoly Complex, Kombara Junction, Ernakulam, Kerela, India.

Phone number: +91 484 2390913

Application procedure

It is to be applied one month prior through phone call initially and by sending the CV to the abovementioned address via postal. The application can be made through personal reference also.

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Duration of internship

18th December 2019 to 16th January 2019.

The timings were: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

First-day impression, formalities and infrastructure

On my first day of internship, I reached the office by sharp 9.30 a.m. and reported to the Senior Advocate Dinesh. R. Shenoy.

He is the Standing Counsel for Central Government. Before explaining about my first-day tasks and all, I should give a short description of my supervisor. As it is mentioned earlier, he is the Standing Counsel for Central Government and one of the renowned lawyers in Cochin who is practicing both in the District Court and The High Court Of Kerala which is located in Cochin itself.

Moving on to my first-day impression, there was no formal introduction between me and the associates working as I was not new to that firm. The reason behind this was I have already interned in the very same firm when I was in my first year of graduation. On my very first day, I should say that I did not have much work. I had visited the District Court and was asked to observe the court procedures which was happening in the court chamber.

On that, I was following my mentor and the fellow intern who is a student of National University of Legal Studies, Cochin. By afternoon, that all came to an end and reached the office by 1 pm.

I was given cases to read and I had read the given case and had an understanding of the facts and circumstances of the particular case and current proceedings of the case. With that my first day of internship had come to an end.

The infrastructure was comparatively good and there was ample space for the interns and the associates. The environment they were providing was awesome and all of this was enhanced by a mini library which was enriched with the books, magazines related to law, All India Reporters etc.

Main tasks

Dinesh Sir takes both the High Court as well as the District Court cases which are of mostly civil in nature and sometimes there would be criminal cases also.

1. Firstly, I was asked to read the case file which was to be represented in the court in the succeeding day. The objective behind this is that the interns would be having a prior regarding the court proceedings, the format and will have an understanding of the arguments which would be happening in the court.

On the succeeding day, the mentor would be giving a paper chit which would contain the details about the very same case which was given to me for the reading and this would be the case which is to be represented on a particular day in the court.

Therefore the task was that I would be given the paper chit and I need to hand over the same chit to any of the advocates present over there in the particular chamber or the courtroom. Also, I need to make a note about the proceedings which was declared by the judge by having a careful listening and in case if I had missed out.

Then I need to take down the proceeding from a diary which would be present in the particular courtroom after the roll call and the hearing sessions and was advised to inform that to the mentor.

2. Secondly, I was given the case files to have a thorough reading about the facts and circumstances of the case and was asked to make the briefing of the case. The very briefing would be analyzed by the mentor and sometimes by Dinesh Sir and they used to correct the notes if there arise some mistake in the notes.

3. Thirdly, after arriving at the office from the court, there would be some free or leisure hours. In that time also they have taught me to convert that leisure hours into the time of acquiring extra knowledge regarding judicial accountability and the problems which are prevailing and existing in the legal field.

The mentors would be giving details regarding all those matters and about the legal terms and method of taking a case file and reading it.

4. Last but not the least we were asked to draft the legal notices and petitions. Before drafting the mentor would be giving the briefing about how to draft it and basics of drafting.

We would be given to draft the legal petitions on the particular case file. This proved very helpful in enhancing my drafting skills.

I was also asked to sit in the dictation session conducted by Sir and I need to write whatever Sir dictates in the legal paper without any mistake. I was asked to draft the letters which should be sent to the respected Ministers and all for the clients.

Good things

The particular internship proved to be very advantageous and helpful to me. The notable point is that it created a room for me to acquire knowledge regarding the court proceedings.

It helped me to acquire knowledge regarding the drafting and its basics and I have learnt how to draft a legal document. The environment they have provided to me was just boosting my confidence and morale.

It is very sure that the box of knowledge I have acquired will enhance the drafting skills and awareness about the situations which is going on in the legal field. On top of that, it was a great opportunity that I was able to interact with many of the lawyers.


No stipend

Bad things

No bad things as such.


I stayed in my home only and it was just 15 km away from my home place.

Overall rating


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