Internship Experience @ Sentinel Law Firm, Delhi: Legal Research and Drafting, Courtroom Exposure, Practical Knowledge


Name, College, year:


Organisation and address:

Sentinel Law Firm, Delhi.

How you applied:

Those who want to apply can mail their resume along with a writing sample to Deserving candidates also may get a stipend if they do well.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression:

Day one is a brief orientation about the work and you get a small task related to your work.

It is basically a test of what level you are on. But don’t worry even if you are not good at it in the beginning, and if you show your willingness to learn and acquire the experience, then both Prashant sir and Jyoti mam will be there for you, to guide through your mistakes.

They both redefine the term boss. Both having such immense knowledge about their fields and are also willing to share with you whenever you ask them about it.

If you make mistakes, you will be guided but they can be strict if you make mistakes repeatedly. Overall, they are fun to work with.

Main tasks:

This being my first internship, I was excited but at the same time, I was nervous and scared a bit as I had never indulged in a practical work. Before this internship, the legal practice was the same to me as my college textbooks said.

I was far away from the in-office experience and courtroom experience. The first week was very challenging, as the work was totally new to me and before this, all I did was the theory in my college.

The practical aspect is quite different. After a few weeks, the work was familiar to me, things became clear and sorted, and the credit goes to Prashant Narang sir.

His guidance and his continuous help in making me understand the work proved beneficial to me.  There is a feeling of satisfaction.

From the field knowledge to the discussions over topics outside the work but relevant to legal topics is what made this experience best.

Every day is a new challenge. Research work was a challenge in the beginning but with the guidance of Prashant sir, things became easy. Drafting was a challenge too but with the constant help of Jyoti mam that became simple too.

Good things:

There are many eureka moments I had during client counselling and in the courtroom. Learning about the different court procedures, client meetings, client counselling and so much more – the experience lists just keeps expanding.

If you want courtroom exposure and research work experience at the same time and the other benefits mentioned above, you should give it a go.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc:

Keep your stationery with you. Keep your minds open, you may acquire a lot many things. Take this internship as fun and enjoy your experience here.

There is a remarkable difference in what you learn in textbooks and what you learn practically. The ways laws are implemented, and the court functions are as important as laws from textbooks.

Just do it if you have an interest in research work and litigation area and try to gain as much knowledge as you can.



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