Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate R P Jain, Bhiwani, Haryana: Land Laws Research Work, Practical Knowledge, Courtroom Exposure

Name, College, Year

Shubham Gupta, University Institute of Legal Studies, Chandigarh University, Mohali, 1st year.

Name of the lawyer

Senior Advocate R P Jain, District & Session Courts, Bhiwani, Haryana, India.

Duration of internship

From 10th May 2019 to 31st May 2019.

From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Court and then from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the residence office (only if there is special work).

How to apply?

I know sir personally and fixed a date for the interview. On the scheduled day, I had to go to meet Sir at his residential office. There, Sir asked me some questions related to law and then after his approval, I got my schedule for the internship.

First day formalities and first impression

On the first day, I had to visit the court chamber where I met Mukesh Sir, who is Jain Sir’s associate. I had to attend all court proceedings, with Mukesh Sir.

It was a great experience and I learnt many new things related to law, which no law school can teach. The infrastructure of the court is average and a new building is under construction which is excellent.

Main task

Main tasks were to attend and note down court proceedings. In the morning Sir’s assistant gave me the cause list, according to which I had to work. Usually, the list consists of 35-40 cases daily.

Another main task is attending client counselling and analyzing problems of clients in a legal manner. In law school, we have moots court competitions in which the proposition is quite clear acts but the reality is different as one has to listen to the client and arrange all the facts in a presentable order.

I researched case Laws related to Land Laws, Rental Laws and Misconduct done by Lawyers.

Best Thing

In the field of litigation, Art of Cross-examination and Argument Skill are most important. From this internship, I learnt a lot about these skills by watching Jain Sir and Mukesh Sir in the courtroom. I can say that Jain Sir and Mukesh Sir are Ram Jethmalani of Bhiwani.

Jain Sir is the Senior most lawyer in the bar of Bhiwani. He argues only in very important and leading cases. When he enters a courtroom, the courtroom is full of young lawyers because it is a great opportunity to see him arguing, even judges admire him. I am very fortunate that I got the opportunity to intern under him.

I spent most of the time in the court with Mukesh Sir. He is very knowledgable and humble. He has also taught me a lot about litigation and after every case, he took out time and discussed with me about the case and relevant law and also asked me what I learnt from the same.

Civil Litigation in land laws is the toughest type of litigation because it has a bulk of documents.

R.P. Jain Sir and Mukesh Sir are not only great lawyers but also good persons. They advised me to use only legal means to win a case as they give utmost preference to legal ethics.

Work Environment

The work environment was excellent. Everybody, at the office or court, is cooperative. I had not a single minute free at court as everyday is hectic and I had a lot of work to do. I am extremely satisfied with the internship as I have learnt so many new things which are priceless.

This internship was a great experience and I also learnt a lot about Land Laws.

I am noting down the following points I learnt:

  1. This was my first interaction with land laws and CPC. I got to know about the basics of these laws.
  2. I learnt many legal professional ethics.
  3. I learn about the procedure of the working of the court.
  4. Usually, many lawyers say that “you have to forget what you learnt in books and classroom when you come at court” but here I learnt that classroom knowledge and practical court knowledge are parallel if anyone lacking in either of them, then one cannot achieve heights in life.

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