Internship Experience at S M Associates, Delhi: Evidence Law Research and Drafting Work, Court Visits

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

S M Associates, Delhi

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Ankush Aggarwal, Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology, 3rd Year


01st June 2019 to 31st July 2019

Application Process

Sending mail to them along with CV or resume.

E-mail IDs: Seemagupta378[at] and manvakil[at]

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On the very first day of my internship, I had the opportunities to visit on various District courts of Delhi and observed the proceedings of all the cases. All the interns had been instructed and informed by the lawyers to how to maintain the decorum of the honourable courts and the courtrooms. I also got to know the other interns and the advocates of the firm.

After when we attended all the matters, we reached the office and in the office all the interns get to know about the how to arrange the files, make the notes of the cases, mark the important lines in facts, list of the dates and the events, prepare for the next day cases and many more things.

I found that all the interns and the advocates are very helpful and cooperative with each other. All the advocates are phenomenal mentors to all the interns of the firms. All the tasks and the work is followed with the dedication and punctuality on every day in the firm.

Main Tasks

To visit various district courts of Delhi, The Delhi High Court, Mediation Centre, Arbitration centre, various tribunals like DRT, DRAT, NCLT, NCLAT, for hearing and after that we had to read that case and understand the proceedings of the same.

Our Senior also used to guide all the interns in the matters with which they were dealing. They used to ensure that we were able to understand the procedure and learn at our best.

We were instructed to read files and to create a list of dates and events upon which we used to brief and describe our understandings of the case to our seniors and also we used to have group discussions regarding various aspects of the case.

I also got a chance to contribute to a research paper. We were also individually assigned topics relating to different laws for instance evidence act, etc and were instructed to study and present a whole brief upon the assigned topics in the firm.

Apart from this, every day at the office every intern had to read the files that were listed for the next day in various courts, flag them, make a list of dates and events, update its orders and then understand the proceedings in the same case next day.

Good Things

I have learned a lot from this internship. Associates always used to give us every detail of the case and the proceedings. The best thing was all the associates and Sir used to ensure that we are clear with the basics of the provisions that we had to deal with in the cases.

Bad Things

Nothing Bad


It depends on the discretion of the firm.

Accommodation Commute

I live in Uttam Nagar so I take the metro to go to courts and after that, they take all the interns in their cars to go to the different courts.

Other Info

Overall, it was a learning experience for me and one could get the exposure that they would want from this internship. All the interns, associates, and everyone was very friendly and ensured the involvement of everyone in the office, everyone had encouraged me at a different level.

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