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Internship Experience @ RegStreet Law Advisors, Mumbai: Company Law Drafting and Research Work, Wide Exposure

By: Aprajita Karki | April 9, 2019
Name, College, year:

Amisha Loluare, 4th-year B.A. LL.B. (Hons.).

Organization and address:

RegStreet Law Advisors, 508, Embassy Center, Nariman Point, Mumbai -400021.

About the Firm:

RegStreet is a boutique law firm specializing in financial regulatory work. They have a small team consisting of exceptionally talented and hard-working lawyers.

Duration of internship:

Long term Internship

Application procedure:

For the application, one can send his/her CV along with the covering letter describing why the applicant should be considered for the internship to info[at]regsla.com.

The minimum period of internship shall be 4 weeks, however, they prefer long term interns. If CV is shortlisted, applicants will be required to fill a questionnaire after which they will be informed of their selection.

First day formalities and first impression:

For the first-day impression, I would suggest two things:  Be updated about the news and Be clear about the fundamentals of law.

Main tasks:
The tasks involve:
  • Research on SEBI Act, Regulations thereunder, Companies Act, etc.
  • Drafting of legal opinions, agreements, appeals, communication to the regulators, etc.
  • Regular visits to SAT and SEBI.
  • The firm regularly publishes articles and interns are encouraged to work on a topic and produce a quality article.
  • Sitting in on meetings and calls with clients.
Good things:
  • The exposure to a wide range of practice areas including litigation, advisory, framing policies, etc.
  • Interns are involved in almost every matter hence it proves to be a great learning experience for the aspiring lawyers.
  • As mentioned earlier, interns are encouraged to read the news and be updated about the current happenings.
  • The partner is visiting faculty at GLC and for the lecture, the interns are allowed to accompany him. This provides a great opportunity for the interns to learn the basic facets of Securities law.
  • Discussion and debate are always encouraged in the office and everyone’s viewpoint is appreciated, including that of the interns.
  • The office environment is encouraging and friendly and everyone in the office is approachable, including the partner.
Bad things:

Nothing as such and even if there is, the office environment compensates for that.


The minimum stipend I have seen in my entire internship period is 4,500 per month, however, people who have worked well even get it in 6 digits.

Commuting to the office:

Shared cabs are available from CST as well as from Churchgate.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learned, etc:

General office timings involve 12 to 14 work hours, they could be tiring sometimes but the people over there care for each other.

The appreciative part is that there is no bureaucratic structure since it is a cohesive team.

The team goes quite often for outings and dinners. Everybody watches stock market movies and intellectual debates together. Apart from this Sumit sir (the founding partner) specifically insists on undertaking opportunities to meet as many people as possible.

Editor’s Note: You can read an internship experience of RegStreet Law Advisors here.

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