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Internship Experience @ Regstreet Law Advisors, Mumbai: Security Law Research and Drafting Work

By: Aprajita Karki | April 22, 2019
Name, College, year

Anonymous, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, IV year.

Organization and address

Regstreet Law Advisors, 507, Embassy Center, Nariman Point Mumbai, Maharastra.

Duration of internship

4 Weeks, December 2018

How you applied?

One needs to send his/her CV on info[at]regsla.com.

You will get a response one month before the commencement of your internship. Once your CV is shortlisted you will get a questionnaire.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

They will first ask you to fill the intern form to keep the record. Associates are welcoming and they will make sure that you get ample work and learn day by day.

Main tasks
  • Research Work: You will get a lot of research work in different fields of the law ranging from SEBI regulations to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.
  • Attend client meetings: This is the benefit you enjoy when you intern in a boutique law firm. Partner will encourage you to sit in client meetings and will take your view on the matter in front of the client. You will be involved in the matter from the initial stage.
  • Drafting: Once you get the basic idea about how the firm works you will get the opportunity to try your hands on drafting also. You will be asked to prepare rough drafts in the matters you are involved in.
  • News Analysis: News in the market matters a lot when you are working with the regulatory firm. You will learn to decode the news from different perspectives. Partner is an Ex-SEBI officer and has immense knowledge of the field. Learning from him is like a blessing.
Good things

Security law is a niche area and no college offer a course on the same. Learning this subject from the experts of the field is an extremely valuable experience.

You will get a wide exposure to the field and will get a chance to meet with various industry experts. The environment of the firm is very friendly and everyone is ready to help you.

Partner and Associates are approachable and they will make sure that you learn the fundamentals.

Bad things



Yes. The stipend will depend upon your performance.

Accommodation, commuting to the office

I stayed in a PG near Marine Lines. You can easily get a Kaali Peeli from Churchgate railway station which will drop you at Embassy Center.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learned, etc

Suggestion: If you want to pursue your career in Capital markets And Securities law starts reading and analyzing the financial news each and every day. This will help you a lot in learning.

Partner of the firm (Sumit Sir) is very fun loving and usually takes the team out for lunch and Movies.

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