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Internship Experience @ RegStreet Law Advisors, Mumbai: Securities Law Research Work, Unpredictable Work Timings

By: Aprajita Karki | April 2, 2019
Name, College, year

Anonymous, IV Year

Organisation and address

RegStreet Law Advisors, 507, Embassy Center, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021.

Duration of internship

December 2018 – March 2019, 4 months.

How you applied?

Send CV along with a covering letter describing why the applicant should be considered for the internship to info[at]regsla.com Internships must be for a minimum of 4 weeks, although the firm prefers long term interns with an interest in Financial and Regulatory laws.

If CV is shortlisted, applicants will be required to fill a questionnaire after which they will be informed of their selection

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

RegStreet is a boutique law firm specialising in a niche area. They have a small team doing fantastic work.

Their office is compact, yet spacious with a decent collection of books, a well-stocked pantry and comfortable work stations.

The associates were welcoming and soon after settling down gave work to do. Once the partner arrived, he spoke to the interns individually.

Main tasks

There were a variety of tasks which included:

  • Research on SEBI Act and different regulations, Companies Act, FEMA, etc.
  • Preparing notes on specific questions and areas under different laws.
  • Drafting of legal opinions, appeals, communication to regulators, etc.
  • Regular visits to Securities Appellate Tribunal and SEBI.
  • The firm also regularly contributes articles to various publishers and interns are encouraged to work on a topic and produce a quality article.
  • Attending lectures on different topics on Securities Laws at Government Law College, Mumbai and ICSI.
  • Sitting in on meetings and calls with clients.
Good things
  • The exposure to a wide range of practice areas including litigation, advisory, framing policies, etc.
  • Excellent learning opportunity as interns are heavily involved in all matters in all stages and there is not much of a hierarchy within the firm.
  • Interns are encouraged to read financial newspapers and be updated about the developments in the financial regulatory sector.
  • Interns are also encouraged to debate on current issues and share their views and build them into a comprehensive article.
  • They place great value on independent performance and good quality work is identified, acknowledged and appreciated.
  • The partner is a visiting faculty at GLC and also regularly goes for guest lectures in various colleges and takes his team with him which provides an opportunity to connect with other students, professionals and also provides one with fresh perspectives and insights into securities laws.
  • The atmosphere is friendly and everyone, irrespective of partner or associate, is very approachable and are always ready to help and guide.
Bad things

The work timings are unpredictable and there may be frequent late nights and work on weekends

If a person is interested in a specific area of practice, they cannot restrict their work to that area, for e.g., litigation, they must be ready to work on all areas and can’t pick and choose the work.


May range from Rs. 3000 – Rs. 10000 depending on the performance

Accommodation, commuting to the office

The office is located in Nariman Point, about a 20-minute walk from Churchgate Station.

There are share taxis available from the office to both CST and Churchgate Railway station. Outstation students can look for PGs nearby.

There are plenty of eateries outside the building for people on a budget or otherwise, apart from various places that deliver.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc

The office is very close to marine drive and interns can take a break and walk along and sit on the marine drive and relax.

The team, including interns, are on frequent occasions made to watch movies relating to finance and the market. Group outings happen frequently and there is no holding back when it’s time for unwinding.

The firm also sponsors the GNLU Moot and has been sponsoring for a number of years.

Overall, it has been an enriching and fun experience.


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