Internship Experience @ Rajkotia Associates, Delhi: Matrimonial Law Research and Drafting Work

Name, College, Year of Study

Shivrit Dhadwal, University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Chandigarh University, Mohali (2nd Year of BA LLB).

Name of Organisation and Location

Rajkotia Associates, N-8, Green Park, New Delhi, India.

Application Process

Send your Internship Application, along with your CV at malavika[at]

The reply usually comes within 1-2 weeks and will advise applying in advance.

Duration of Internship

16th May 2019- 6th June 2019

Office Timings

The timings are quite relaxed, although expected timings are 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM.

You can leave early if you are done with your work.

First Impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

The office is quite good with plush clientele, the decor is aesthetically pleasing, with Wi-Fi Facilities, Library and the rooms are equipped with air conditioning system as well.

The interns are added on a Whatsapp group on which every information regarding the reporting time and the place to report (Courts) is shared.

On the first day, Malavika Ma’am was not in the office so I asked one of the associates if there was any work. I was told to Draft an Application on behalf of the petitioner U/S 151 of The Civil Procedure Code, 1908 for seeking Appropriate Directions Claiming Maintenance.

I had no idea about how to draft the application, so I read some applications and then somehow drafted it, I was very nervous since it was the very first time I drafted an Application For Seeking Appropriate Directions Claiming Maintenance. After which I showed the same to the associate, and thankfully my work was appreciated.

Main Tasks

During the internship, I had an opportunity to learn a number of concepts associated with the field of Matrimonial Laws.

The main tasks included mostly the drafting & research work on family matters since it is a Family Law practise.

During the internship I researched on the following topics:

  1. Amendment of the plaint changing the nature of the suit should not be allowed.
  2. Shared Household Under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
  3. Against whom a complaint can be filed under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  4. Order XII Rule 6 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

Also during the course of the internship, I drafted the following documents:

  1. Drafted Evidence Affidavits.
  2. Drafted the First Motion for a Petition Under Section 13 (B) (I) of The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 For a Decree of Divorce By Mutual Consent.
  3. Drafted a Reply on Behalf of the Petitioner to the Application Filed on behalf of then Respondent Under Section 24 HMA R/W Section 23 of The Hindu Marriage Act, 1956 Seeking Maintenance for The Minor Child.
  4. Drafted an Application on behalf of the Petitioner U/S 151 of The Civil Procedure Code, 1908 For seeking appropriate directions claiming maintenance.
  5. Drafted a Petition Under Section 10 (1) of The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 for a Decree of Judicial Separation on the Ground of Cruelty And Adultery.
  6. Drafted a Reply to the Application Under Section 12, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23 of The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 filed on behalf of the Respondents.

I also observed court proceedings in Tees Hazari Court, Patiala House Court, District Court Saket and Delhi High Court and The Mediation Proceedings in SAMADHAN, The Delhi High Court’s Mediation and Conciliation Centre and also at The Delhi Mediation Centre in Patiala House Court.

The best part about attending the court proceedings was watching Malavika Ma’am argue in the court.

Work Environment and People

The work environment is good and is quite relaxed. The associates are cordial yet some of them aren’t but sometimes you have to adjust to the situation and manage somehow. Sometimes you’ll have to insist on asking for work.

I had 9 co-interns from different colleges including 3 from my University. Having a few friendly faces in an office can make even the most solitary jobs feel more interactive.

Best Things

The best things were observing the court proceedings in the Delhi High Court and various District courts in Delhi and watching ma’am argue.

During the Internship, I learnt a lot of practical things important in Litigation.

Observing the Mediation Proceedings was an amazing experience but after observing the proceedings, I believe that the lawyers should help their clients legally as well as emotionally.

A Client Might be angry or distressed about something that happened. He or she might be worried about the future, a client might feel hurt or betrayed by what someone else did. It is no longer enough to simply provide advice, clients want someone who listens, and who can empathize, support and empower them.

Bad Things

It will be really appreciated if the Interns are provided Tea/Coffee at least one time a day.


No Stipend

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