Internship Experience at Rajasthan Legal Service Authority, Jaipur: Human Rights Research Work, Field Visits

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority, Jaipur, Rajasthan

About the Organisation

The organisation situated at district court (Collectorate Circle) Jaipur. The main office of the organisation was situated at High Court, Jaipur. They provide help to needy people, who can’t afford legal services and who suffer lose and don’t get any compensation.

Student Name and College

Anita Nehra, Banasthali University


06th June 2019 to 05th July 2019

Application Process

I sent a mail to RSLSA office. They selected me for an internship and gave me a due date.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On the very first day, I reached the office at 9 a.m. There, I was asked to write an application for one-month internship to RSLSA office and give full information in a register and sign there.

There were other interns also. We were a total of 10 interns. After this formality of giving credentials, we were introduced to the in-charge who used to instruct and assist us in our work.

A lecture was arranged for us by our instructor in which he told us about the constitution, working and functioning of Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority. So, the overall first day was all about interaction with the co-interns and the staff of RSLSA.

Main Tasks

The main task of interns in RSLSA was to know about the functioning of the RSLSA. Our task was to observe the functioning of the commission including the mediation process and the challenges and problems it faces while doing their work and to give suggestions and feedback about the same.

Our task was to make the people aware of their legal rights. We were required to hear the lectures arranged by the commission on various social issues and to prepare a report of the same.

Also, we were given assignments on researching about the mediation process and other legal topics and submitting a report on them.

We visit various different institutions where we can know about the process and functioning of public places like Old Age Home, District Jail, Mahila Sudhar Grah, Mental Hospital etc. There, we were told about working these places.

Then, we used to talk and interact with the people living and working there. We used to observe the things and prepare a report with our suggestions and feedback on them.

Good Things

The good thing about RSLSA was that they are doing their work honestly and providing help to all the needy person as far as possible. And this is the thing that I liked about this internship.

Our in charge was quite friendly and helping. Also, other members of the organisation were also supportive. They try to provide all information regarding RSLSA and other related things without getting irritated even if we ask them.

The best part about this internship is that we got the opportunity to visit many institutions like Old Age Home, Mental Hospital, Mahila Thana, District Jail, Mahila Sudhar Grah etc, where we interacted with the people living and associated with these institutions.

This made us know the practicalities and ground realities of the field l, which in my opinion is one of the biggest and knowledgeable experience that I acquired there.

Bad Things

There was no such bad thing about the internship. It’s just we were not given much work to do.

Our only work was to observe the things and make reports on them. They don’t provide any monetary help to intern to reach visiting places. But still in my opinion interning under RSLSA is a worth experience.


No stipend

Accommodation Commute

They don’t provide any accommodation. We stay in PG and reach a proper place by auto.

Other Info

This internship was not boring at all. Since it is not an in-office internship and includes visiting various places, so there are a lot of chances of chilling out.

There was a market near the office of RSLSA where we used to go for snacks and lunch. Also, we were provided tea and little snacks at the institutions where we used to visit.

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