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Internship Experience at PUCL, Delhi: Human Rights, Settlement Policies, RTI & Civil Liberties Research Work

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Venkata Moksha, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, 2nd Year

Name of the Organisation, City and State

People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Delhi


28th December 2018 to 22nd January 2019

Application Process

In order to get an internship at People’s Union for Civil Liberties, one needs to send a cover letter along with a duly updated CV stating his/her interest to work as an intern at the National Office of PUCL. The mail can be sent to their email address – puclnat[at]gmail.com

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

Being the National Office of PUCL, its location in Delhi is quite a big disappointment. The office at that time was undergoing construction and redevelopment and so the infrastructure was chaotic.

Also for the freshers who turn up all dressed up in formals to make a good first-day impression or expecting to carry out a lot of works, well nothing of that sort is required or is going to happen.

The interns were not made to work the whole week, but rather were called only twice or thrice a week, Monday is a weekly day off.

The interns were briefed on many cases related to Human Rights and were instructed to make brief notes on what they understood from that case.

Main Tasks

There were no such specifically alloted tasks that needed to be carried out. We were just asked to submit a report at the end of the internship period. A few conferences were organised which mainly focused on Human Rights. Other topics that were discussed included settlement policies, the right to information and civil liberties.

The work environment was really good. The co-interns were active and belonged to different universities. It was a good experience interacting with them and getting to know them.

Working with different people helped me in learning and improving my communication skills and confidence. Interns were from various law schools, national law universities and traditional universities. It was a good experience, interacting and working with them.

Good Things

The best thing about this internship was the feeling of working independently and developing a sense of responsibility towards matters such as civil liberties, RTI, peaceful agitations. The flexibility of Internship was a key point too, i.e., not having to work from office mandatorily.

Bad Things

Nothing as such, except for the infrastructure of the office which was satisfactory. It was not even possible to accommodate a handful of people in there.


No Stipend

Accommodation Commute

Nothing – you have to arrange it all by yourself

Other Info

The biggest lesson I learnt at PUCL was that of working independently. The whole internship period was exhaustive, yet the thrill it gave never made me feel lethargic for even a second.

The internship provided me with an opportunity to meet law students from all over India, which made me forge new ties and connections. Overall the whole experience was really enriching.

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