Internship Experience at P. Wilson Associates, Chennai: Constitutional Law Research Work, Make Case Notes, Court Visits

Name, College, year of study of the student intern

P. Vasishtan, Tamil Nadu National Law University, Trichy, 4th Year.

Name of the organisation where you interned and its full address

P. Wilson Associates, JVL Towers, Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai.

Duration of internship

3 June 2019 to 30 June 2019

How did you apply?

I e-mailed pwilsonassociates[at] with a cover letter and a CV.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

There are two offices. One near the Madras High Court and the Main Office. My first day was a Saturday, so I was asked to report at the Main Office at 9.30 AM. There were nobody present including the receptionist and everybody came at around 11 AM.

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The office is well constructed and looks modern and is spacious. I was not given much work on the first day owing it to being a Saturday and the associates were chill. I was given a form where I had to affix my photograph and furnish other details along with my CV.

Main tasks

The main tasks involve a lot of running around in the Court, and in evening assisting the senior Mr. P. Wilson and his son Mr. Richardson Wilson who is a partner to the firm. In the mornings, you would be expected to take notes of important cases’ arguments and assist Wilson sir in quick research questions he would assign you to argue in the next 20 mins. You are also expected to update the associates or senior about the Court’s item numbers.

There would be some time for you in-between to explore the magnificence of the Madras High Court and visit a few Courthalls where other eminent Senior Advocates like P. Chidambaram, Arvind Darar, Kapil Sibal (Rarely), Advocate General of Tamil Nadu etc., argue.

In the evenings, you will get good opportunities to research upon laws pertaining mostly to the service matters and the Constitutional matters of Articles, 14, 15, 19 and 21.

Since P. Wilson sir is the lead counsel for DMK Party, the cases you will be researching upon, will be interesting and there are good chances you meet some of the luminaries of the Party as well. If you accompany P. Wilson sir in his regular tasks, there are high chances he will take you also, whenever he is going to meet any popular person. I was lucky to accompany him to meeting MK Stalin, Kanimozhi and other heads of DMK. It was also a fortunate time when he was in the process of being nominated as the Rajya Sabha MP by the DMK.

Working with Mr. Richardson can be relaxed as much as you are in the speed he expects you to be, but working with Wilson sir would require you to be punctual, updated with whatever you have learnt so far and fast researching skills to quickly fetch him with the information he would demand within 5 minutes.

Good things

  1. The Quality of research work is brilliant and you get to work or even get hands-on certain important case laws.
  2. The associates are friendly and are ready to help you whenever and wherever you would have any doubts or whatever.
  3. The Office work was quite demanding yet fed you with interesting topics to work and research upon, that once you dedicate yourself into, would engross into working that you would hardly notice time passing by.
  4. The flexibility to choose between whether you become a Half Court Half Research Intern or Full-time research intern (You will only have to work in the main office).
  5. Nobody would shout at the interns or mistreat them, or make them victims subject to their mood swings.

Bad things

The distance between the two offices and the amount taken on travel in the evenings really spoils the fun of your evening and drains you enough for the remainder of the day. You would be required to work longer if you are a guy, but as much as you like the work, this is not really a bad thing.


Rs. 5000/- was the stipend. If you are interning there for the second time, you will be paid Rs. 8000/-

Accommodation, commuting to the office

I stayed in a mini-hotel and boarding near the High Court of Madras and directly reported to the High Court every morning.
In the evening, you will get around 3 hours to chill and reach the main office which is around 10 kms from the Madras High Court Branch of P Wilson Associates. I took the nearby EMU Train from Chennai Beach to Nungambakkam and a 10-minute walk from the station, to the Main office.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc

I did not chill out much as Sundays meant rest days for the amount of time you worked till the previous day throughout the week. However, Mr. Richardson took me to certain law course lectures that he was delivering a short speech on, on Sundays, that provided me with good experiences.

I also learnt that Hardwork and punctuality are the sole things that will get you to the place you desire looking at Wilson Sir on how he grew to this position from nothing.

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