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Internship Experience at Omaplex Law Firm: Insightful Lectures and Interesting Work

LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Name of the Student, Year of Study and Course, College

Chukwuemeka Dike, LL.B Nnamdi Azikiwe University 2014 – 2019, Nigerian Law School 2020-2021

Name of the Organization and Full Address of the Organization

Omaplex Law Firm, a firm in Abuja, Nigeria

Duration of Internship

June, 7 2021 – July, 5 2021

Internship Experience

I began my internship with Omaplex Law Firm, a firm in Abuja, Nigeria. The internship was held virtually via Zoom and WhatsApp for a period of one month from June to July,  2021 and the application process began towards the ending of May 2021 and lasted for a  week. I applied for the internship program after my bar exams. 

How Did You Apply?

I would never forget the period of the application process, after applying for the internship, the craziest thing happened my phone got spoilt, just shut down and would not come on, in the process of repairing it I decided to use my mum’s phone to check my mails and I saw the acceptance mail sent two days after the phone spoilt. 

I was asked to relay my acceptance and availability for the internship through the mail but it was too late as another mail was sent stating my removal from the virtual internship because of my failure to send in an acceptance mail.  

I thought it was over, but luckily a mail was sent in June a week after the internship program had started, stating that I have been given another opportunity at the internship and I was asked to send in a photo of myself to be used for my I.D card as my acceptance of the program, I didn’t even think twice about sending it. (Lol) 

First Day Formalities, Impression, and Main Tasks

After all registration process was completed I joined the virtual internship programme and it was an awesome ride. We were tasked with several assignments and research topics to be delivered online especially on the internship dashboard, with tight deadlines. We were placed in different groups for each week and asked to work on tasks to be submitted as a group, I met amazing individuals as co-interns who I worked with on several tasks given to us. 

We had several lecture sessions, on corporate finance, arbitration, corporate governance,  capital markets operation, financial technology, cyber security, data protection and data privacy, international law, oil and gas law, sports law and a host of others were lawyers from the firm, took us on various topics in the legal space. 

Good Things

We also had guest lectures from both practising lawyers, government officials and entrepreneurs who took special courses on Leadership skill and building emotional intelligence, arbitration and dispute resolution and how Arbitration and Dispute  Resolution Centers operates, principles of taxation, how to prepare legal drafts, email writing, conducting legal research, and improving writing skills, the nature of data rights and data privacy which was one of my favorites as we had an official from the Nigerian  Information Technology Development Agency lecture us on the nature of private data of individuals, importance, usage and its protection, advantages and importance of personal branding and what is a digital footprint. 

We also had a guest lecture on sports law from a seasoned lawyer in the sporting industry, who discussed with us the tenants of the Nigerian sports industry. One of my favourite’s moments of the program was the question and answer session, the interns had with the Principal Partner of the Firm Mr. O.M Atoyebi SAN (Senior Advocate of  Nigeria), where we learnt the importance of hard work, being diligent, disciplined, and the power of consistency in achieving success. 

Some of the interns had the opportunity of shadowing an associate of the firm for a period of one week, the selection was based on the participation of each intern during online sessions and general participation in the program. This encouraged healthy competitions amongst interns as everyone wanted to prove himself/herself worthy to shadow an associate. 

Towards the end of the internship, a mock trial was conducted by the firm, I was part of the defence team for the civil case bothering on negligence and employers liability. The period of preparation for the trial was intriguing as I was able to prepare court processes and relevant evidences to be used at trial alongside my co-interns within a short space of time given after we were served by the claimant team.  

During the mock trial preparation, my knowledge of drafting court processes learnt as  an undergraduate and during my previous internship was brought to bear, as I handled drafting, vetting and compilation of all our court processes making sure all are in perfect  order, I also appeared as the star witness for the defence team and our efforts were  rewarded with a victory and the Judge commending our efforts with the drafts and overall performance. 

Last Day

The internship ended with a virtual and physical party, where other interns who were within Abuja where invited to the Firm premises for the physical party, I could not attend as I was not in Abuja but as a Virtual guest it was lit, we were presented with a Certificate of Completion sent to our mails and were also inducted into the Omaplex Virtual  Internship Alumni Network, (OVIAN) were we met previous virtual interns and were charged to carry on the virtues of the firm as we were taught during the internship  program. 

Lessons Learnt

The experience from this internship has helped in shaping my idea of the legal profession,  as I learnt that there are several ways one can excel as a lawyer asides litigation, that nothing good comes easy, but being relentless and not accepting defeat is key for anyone  who wants to achieve success. 

The teachings on emotional intelligence and leadership skills has aided in developing in  me a desire to be self-aware of my emotions so as to be able to communicate with people  better and be able to manage people in any leadership role I may find myself. 

I would recommend the virtual internship to anyone who wants to grow as a young  Lawyer and Law student. 

Chukwuemeka Dike 

Legal Practitioner 

Email: mcanthonydike010@gmail.com

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