Internship Experience at Odisha State Commission for Women, Bhubaneswar: Made a Project on Issues Faced by Women

Full Name of the Organisation, College and Year of Study

Odisha State Commission for Women, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

About the Organisation

Odisha State Commission for women is a governmental organisation which deals with various issues and violence faced by women in the State of Odisha. It concerns on how to provide the victim women proper justice and facilitate their redressal and work for their betterment.

Student Name, College and Year of Study



18th June 2018 to 07th July 2018

Application Process

I along with 6 more classmates wrote an application mentioning our desire to do our internship under women commission and seeking the permission of the authority to allow us to do so.

Then the application along with the signature of our head of the department was sent to Odisha State commission for women and thereafter our application was approved by them and a particular period was fixed for our internship by the organisational authority.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

We had to arrive their strictly by 10:00 AM and dress formally. We were divided into groups and allotted different councillors, members and other staffs who will guide us during our internship.

Main Tasks

The main task was to understand the victim’s psychological condition and make the accused fulfil the remedies. Every day we came across different cases relating to domestic violence, dowry torcher, cruelty, cheating, sexual harassment and many more.

We practically got to see and know the actual suffering and pain of women. We kept working under different cells of the commission. Every 2nd or 3rd day we were asked to change the cell so as to know the work and function of each cell properly.

A task was given to us which was to make a project on any issue faced by women. We were also asked to submit a brief report on cases we came across during the internship period. These things kept me thrilled and every day I got to learn and practically apply my mind.

Good Things

The commission was so active and so concerned about each and every woman who came there. Every day we got to learn something and practically see the things we have only read about.

Every case was divided among different cells so that they can be solved quickly and efficiently. Each and everybody worked for the victim’s quick redressal. The daily reports and projects kept us active and thrilled.

Bad Things

There was nothing bad. I personally enjoyed my internship period.



Accommodation Commute

I took an auto from my residence to the area of internship.

Other Info

I learned that women’s sufferings are more than we can imagine and study about. When I actually saw them suffering and expressing their pain I was devastated. The active work did my women commission is appreciable. Member of every cell worked so dedicatedly.

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