Internship Experience at Odisha Human Rights Commission, Bhubaneshwar: Human Rights Research Work

Full Name of the Organisation

Odisha Human Rights Commission, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

About the Organisation

It is an Organisation where it enquires into the matters of Violation of Human Rights like Right to life, Right to Personal Liberty, Prohibition of Traffic in Human Beings, Right to Dignity and many more.

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Mitali Madhusmita, University Law College, 5 yr B.A.LLB, 2nd Year


04th September 2019 to 20th September 2019

Application Process

The application process is very simple. First of all, have to go to the OHRC Department to inquire whether the there slot is vacant or not. If they have any vacancy, then have to write a request application where a group of the students’ name are to be mentioned and from which year the students are !!

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Then have to mention the date from which date we would like to start the internship till what date. It may be for 15 days or 21 days or 30 days And the application should be given to the OHRC by the principal of the college. Then the OHRC will give a confirmation Letter.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

Being a law student has to maintain proper discipline and decorum inside the Commission as well as in the Courtroom. Have to be in the proper uniform. The first day was really amazing as we were given to read some of the files which had contained matters like Electrocution Death, Custodial Death and many more.

After reading the files got a chance to meet the Hon’ble Chairperson as well as the members of OHRC. And Presently the Chairperson is Justice Bimala Prasad Das and the members are Justice Raghubir Dash and Asim Amitabh Dash. So we were given a chance to interact with them.

Main Tasks

The main task over there was to read the files which contained different matters of violation of Human Rights. Practical Knowledge was also given as we were allowed to see the proceedings. From where we come to know how a matter is presented. Before the matter was presented the facts of the case was said to us and in what provision it was applicable that was explained and also what kind of right is violated that was been explained.

Theoretical Knowledge was also given like what is the role of the commission, limitations, the role of the Chairperson and the members etc. They also taught how a matter comes to the commission and then what are their role as well as the procedure.

We were also given a task that which of the provisions of the Constitution contain human rights and was also given a newspaper task where we have to read the newspaper and find the news where there is a violation of Human Rights. After that, they used to explain to us and clear our doubts also. Just feel free to ask them the questions, they always encourage the questions and clear the doubts that we have.

Good Things

Good thing is that here surrounding as well as the employees of the Commission are good. The Chairperson and the members always encourage us to read and ask the questions if we have any. And all are friendly and help us when we need. And one more good thing is that it is functioning properly and dealing with the old cases those are been pending for some years.

Bad Things

As it is said that All well that ends well !! So the journey of the internship was good. There is no such bad thing as it all depends upon your interest and capabilities to learn the things.



Accommodation Commute

As I am a localite so after completing the college was going for the internship.

Other Info

Many things learnt some are like how to deal with matters, how to communicate with the parties, how a case is presented and many more.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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