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Internship Experience @ NHRC, Delhi: Human Rights and Education Research Work, Helping Environment {S}

By: Aprajita Karki | May 24, 2019
College name and year

I am Isha, studying in 3 year LLB at Vaish College of Law, Rohtak MDU, Haryana.

Organization and address

National Human Rights Commission of India, Delhi

How you applied?

I applied directly through the NHRC site.


15 April to 29 April 2019

First-day formalities

On the first day, I had to reach by 10 am and after reporting I had to take a pass and reach the conference hall. There the designated authority briefed all the interns about the importance of human rights and there were many things discussed which were very useful.

After that, all the interns were given research topics, the majority of them focused on education in India.

Main Task

The main task throughout the internship was to read cases and do research work.

Good Things

The following were the good things:

  1. I learnt many things.
  2. NHRC was fully airconditioned and the canteen was very good.
  3. The entire staff of NHRC was very helping.
Bad Things

The water supply was very bad.


no stipend

Accommodation, commuting to the office

I am a resident of Delhi and the NHRC office is located close to INA metro station. Thus, commuting to the office was quite easy.

Editors note: Internship experiences marked with {S} are shorter than we usually publish but still contain enough useful information to be published. 


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