Internship Experience at Mandla and Singh Law Chambers, New Delhi: Substantive Work and Important Learnings

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study


Name and Full Address of the Organization

Mandla & Singh Law Chambers

The office is located in the basement of X-24, Block X, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.  It’s a 10-minute walk from Green Park Metro Station.  

ABOUT THE FIRM: The Law Chamber was started by Advocates Mandakini Singh & Ashima Mandla, who are Criminal Defence Lawyers.  

Duration of Internship

1st February, 2021 – 26th February 2021 (4 Weeks)

OFFICE TIMINGS: The office timings were 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M. The Office was closed on Saturdays &  Sundays. 

Application Process

I applied for the internship in my 5th Year of Law School.  

I mailed my CV & the Cover Letter in November 2020, to and  got a response within 3 days.  

LOCATION OF THE OFFICE: The office is located in the basement of X-24, Block X, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.  It’s a 10 minute walk from Green Park Metro Station.  

First Day Formalities   

The Office is in the basement of the building and is quite spacious having a reception area, a Partner’s  Office, a small library with a good collection and recent editions, a kitchen & two bathrooms along with  plenty of place for interns to sit.  

*You would have to bring your own Laptop.* 

On my first day, I reached the office located on the first floor at sharp 9:45 A.M. I met with other interns  got to know about them and the office culture. I was called to the office by Ashima Mam who asked me  about my interests and the kind of internships I had done before and gave insights on different fields I’d  like to work in. She also made me familiar about the kind of matters she and Mandakini Mam were  currently working on.  

Main Tasks and Work Culture  

On my first day, I was handed the case file of an NCLT matter to read and was specifically told to make notes, so that I can get familiar with the case that would help me conduct the research better. Both the  Advocates deal with Constitutional and Criminal Matters. During my internship period, I had worked on cases involving Economic Offences, Rape Matters, Company Law Matters, Land Revenue Matters, etc.  The work is diverse and would keep you interested. 

Most of the work that I, along with other interns performed was Research work, which was not only interesting but also extremely challenging. You have to develop time management skills in order to meet the deadline as both the Advocates, are extremely particular about it and you would get a scolding if you delayed. So its better that you get extremely clear before starting the work. We would also regularly attend the Virtual Courts as well as physically visit the court for clerical work.  

I also attended client meetings in a rape matter and later had to visit the court for carrying out the formalities after bail is granted, which was a big learning moment for me.  

The work culture of the office is strict, challenging yet rewarding and fun. Both the Advocates when not working are usually either counseling us young interns, telling us about the practical side of the legal profession, their experiences with different judges and fellow Advocates or would be involved in casual conversations about life.  

They were also concluding a very popular case during that time and had taken the time out to make us understand each and every detail of that case, the court room arguments, etc. based on which they later organized a Moot Court competition between us interns.  

Accommodation, Travel and Food

I live near Yamuna Bank and travelled by metro which would take me around 40 minutes to reach Green  Park Metro Station which is on the Yellow Line. The Office is a 10 minute walk from the Metro Station if  you’d take Exit No. 1 which opens up to a market called Yusuf Sarai Market. From there you can either  take an Auto Rickshaw or Rickshaw that are plenty available or Walk.  

Many of the interns who were working there lived in Delhi with their families. Others were either living  in Hostels or as paying guests or with their relatives. You can easily find accommodation near Hauz Khas  in PGs simply on Google.  

TIP: I’d also recommend checking out ‘OYO PG’ which is usually very reasonable or affordable. I had a friend who found a very decent & affordable room through this easily. 

Food: I used to bring my own Lunch; however, all of us interns would go to a nearby Tea Stall every day  for ‘Chai’ or Snacks. It was our break to get some sun since the office is in the basement with very little  natural light. The Market near the Metro Station also has a lot of restaurants and food joints available.  You can, of course, order your food online as well.  

Good Points about the Internship

  • If you are interested in creating a career in Criminal Litigation then this is a perfect place for you to  intern. Both the Advocates although young are knowledgeable with a considerable experience.  They’re also very straightforward and would push you to do your best. 
  • Not only would you be guided to perform well but also trusted with important work making you  responsible.  
  • The Advocates organize a weekly or monthly Moot Court competition based on the matters interns  are working on, which was not only fun, but during that time they’d also advice you on how to argue  better, what should be stated in front of the Judge and how it should be stated, etc. There’s a lot of learning experience but only if you are ready to push yourself for it.  

Bad Points about the Internship 

  • You might be disappointed if you’d want to learn some drafting work as the entire drafting is done  by the Advocates themselves. I wasn’t given a single drafting work and neither was any other intern  during my time there.  
  • Although the Advocates are encouraging and do provide you guidance, I would say that there’s not a  lot of room available for making mistakes here even as an intern. But I would say that comes with  the field and pressure of the work and the fact that people’s lives are at stake, as Ashima Mam  would put it. So try not to take things personally and do your best.  


It was an UNPAID internship.  

Entire Experience 

I am interested in Litigation so this internship was excellent for me. It provided me with a lot knowledge and reality check about the practical side of the profession as well as the skill development.  

If you are interested in Criminal Laws or are even considering interning in a criminal Chamber, you should definitely apply here. The only requirement is that you must be proactive since you’re going to be dealing with a lot of deadlines and also must possess effective communication skills.  

Internship Rating (Based on Work Culture, Learning Scope, Work Pressure, etc.)


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