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Internship Experience @ Ligamine Solicitors & Consultants, Chandigarh: IPR Research and Drafting Work, Pleasant Environment

By: Aprajita Karki | June 10, 2019
Name, College and Year

Arghay Ajay Gautam, 2nd year in BA LLB, Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab – 140413, India.

Organization and address

Ligamine Solicitors & Consultants, #102, Sector 10A, Sector 10, Chandigarh, India.

Duration of internship

2 Months

How you applied?

I applied for internship here via Internshala. There you need to fill an application followed by submission of your CV. In the event, if your application gets selected you will get a confirmation e-mail.

One can also directly apply by sending your CV to info[at]ligamine.in and if your application gets selected then you will have a confirmation e-mail in your Inbox.

First day formalities, infrastructure and first impression

There are no such formalities but they just expect us to abide by the time slots i.e. 10 AM – 6 PM or 12 AM – 8 PM and to be in dress code i.e. white shirt and black trousers.

The interiors are really fantastic and makes one feel from within to work here. Here when one enters can see well-furnished lobby and reception. Thereafter in front is the office of Founding Partner of Ligamine Solicitors & Consultants, Advocate Himanshu Raj.

Furthermore, there is a separate working place for interns, a conference room and a well-maintained library. Many modern types of equipment are also available here that makes work easier.

My first experience here was that it is a workplace with a pleasant environment and got to know that if one works here with full of his sincerity and enthusiasm then can learn a lot.

Main tasks

This firm mainly deals with the issues of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Copyrights, Patents and Trade Marks.

Works those were assigned to me:

  • To research on “Recent Amendments in Adoption Procedure”.
  • To research on “Copyrights and some notions regarding it”.
  • To research on “Defamation and Role of Media” and to give a presentation on the same.
  • To prepare a research paper on “Unfair Trade Practices” in contention to CCI and Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  • To prepare a research paper on “Securities and Exchange Board of India”.
  • To prepare a research paper on “Real Estate Regulatory Authority”.
Good Things

The whole team of associates working here are highly experienced and helpful in nature.

It is not at all bound for the interns to work on the topics assigned to them; rather it is left on their choice to select a topic of their own interest.

Bad things

There were none.


Yes, it’s a plus point here that stipends are also given to the interns, but are given as per the quality and way of presentation of the work being done i.e. stipends is performance based.

Accommodation and Commuting to the office

In Sector 10 and Sector 22 there are many PG’s.  Chandigarh has goof services of OLA and UBER is available which makes commuting to the office easier.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learned, etc.
  • I got to learn a lot about RERA, SEBI, Copyrights, Patents and Trade Marks.
  • From this internship, I developed my vocabulary and speaking skills.
  • It made me learn better drafting tactics that would obviously be beneficial for my future endeavours.
  • Near Sector 10 there are lots of restaurants and places like Sukhna Lake to chill out on weekends.
  • Thence would like to euphorically and ecstatically rate it as a “Highly Recommended” place to pursue an internship.

Editor’s Note: You can read an internship experience of Ligamine Solicitors & Consultants here.

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