Internship Experience at Lawyers Transcontinental, Bengaluru: Valuable Mentorship and Interesting Work

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study


Name and Full Address of the Organization

Lawyers Transcontinental, #39 ,Prema Sai Gagan, Suite 002, 1st Floor, 5th Main Rd, Jayamahal Extension, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560046

Duration of Internship

Jan 11th 2021 – Feb 11th 2021

Internship Experience

Second Year Law student’s Internship experience, Bangalore

Internships are of high value to any law student. In fact, one may value it more than their degree! I am just like one of you, reading this right now. I undertook my 2nd year Internship at Lawyer’s Transcontinental under the mentorship of M B Gagan Ganapathy, a boutique law practice in Bangalore.

Currently I am in my third year, and I know for a fact that this is one experience which is going to take me far. An interesting fact is that the founder and advocate of this firm is my uncle- my mother’s first cousin. Most of you would assume me for a spoilt brat but let’s stay focused on the experience here. 

In Jan 2020, I had applied and started it within in 10 days. I would recommend practicing here as it rewards you not only with a certificate but also immense knowledge, that you can show off when you are in college! 

Firstly, most law students’ concerns are whether they get to directly work under the founders of the firm or indirectly under associates. At Lawyers Transcontinental, you will be directly mentored by Advocate Gagan, who advice clients on multiple areas from corporate law to criminal law and from intellectual property rights to real estate.

Experiences are what make a great lawyer because the profession is such that, you are forever learning. You may or may not walk into this office with a mindset or expectation, but this firm is sure to give you a holistic experience. From the very first day, he gathered all his interns in the conference room and rather than pawning off work on us, he explained to us, dedicating an hour to each field, what corporate, criminal, public international law etc. are. 

Often, we are so enthusiastic to get firsthand experience, but we may not be well versed with the subject. Two to three days a week, if not everyday, he would engage us in discussions and ask us questions that make us more confident. Whenever he requires assistance in research or drafting, he would approach his interns. The best outcome of this is not getting the job done, but the appreciation he would reward you with. Whether what you have completed as part of your work for the day was small or big, he would increase in value, the work you have done, that activates a confidence in you, and you will truly start believing in yourself.

I am a fan of economics and I only look for efficiency in everyday situations. For me, this was efficiency; incentivizing your interns to do better everyday which ensures the work is done and the intern can walk with a satisfied day’s work, eventually preparing us of job satisfaction in the future.

Another interesting take away from my experience is, suppose Sir has asked me to research on whether Section 181 of the Negotiable Instruments Act is applicable to cases where the person is bankrupt. I can easily find the answer from google, but that is not enough, right? After your research is complete, he will ask you whether you understood the same. I would suggest from having encountered it, before you make a laughingstock out of yourself, you can ask Sir to explain the concept, law, and penalties before you conduct your finding on the internet. 

Coming to the details of the internship, they are very simple. If you want to learn and experience a specific field, for example – Corporate governance or study of lifting the corporate veil, you can feel free to mention this on your first day so that they can guide you through the same.

Although I am interested in Alternative dispute resolution and Criminal Litigation- very absurd combination, I’m aware- I informed them that the only reason I joined a multi-practice firm was so that I can invest a month in understanding the different areas.

As I mentioned above, the lectures we had sitting in the conference room, were very helpful. I did doze off in two, wouldn’t want to lie, but at least I know I will never want to practice in those fields! Regarding the research and drafting part, two of the skills that each law student should be able to master by the end of attaining their degree, below are a few matters I had the opportunity of working on: 

  • One man is accused of murder, for his mere presence at the scene of crime, along with hundred other people. Whether investigations need to be conducted into each and every individual? What are the grounds for discharge? Research into section 227 and 239 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Sustainability of complaints againt one individual. 
  • One entrepreneur wants to develop an algorithm, where he can collect personal data, while gathering information to give to state departments on property tax, national security etc. This makes him a contractor to the state. Whether the right to privacy law prohibits this? Right to privacy is an actionable claim as well as a fundamental right. R Rajgopalachari v Union of India.
  • Bouncing of cheques is made a criminal offence in Section 138 of the NI act. But a person becoming bankrupt is being compelled to issue cheque that will eventually bounce back due to lack of funds. As an act of necessity, whether he can be exempt from criminal liability under such circumstances. What defence can be used under the criminal law?
  • Revising the employment agreement document of an e-commerce company. Even though the company holds their employees as permanent, the contract shall be subject to renewal year over year; since contracts with the company’s clients are also renewed year over year and the company shall have the liberty to make workforce adjustments. Termination clause to include Probation, behaviour, performance issues, force majeure and breach of contract. 
  • To review and edit policy for visitors of clinic: Informed consent for in-person visits at client or other premises during Covid19 Public Health Crisis.
  • Divorce matters: 2 Indian and 1 Singapore-India divorce. What is the difference between mutual and contested divorce? Research into documents required while filing a petition for divorce and section applicable from the Hindu Marriage act 1955.
  • Section 70 sub section 1 of the Karnataka cooperative societies act 1959 states that no civil, labour, industrial court or tribunal shall have jurisdiction to entertain any suit or proceeding in respect of such proceeding. Hence, meaning that, the registrar will have jurisdiction of all kinds of disputes stated under the section. An election of a cooperative bank, where in 60 voters have been removed from the list and not permitted to vote. Go through the Karnataka Cooperative Societies act 1959, find out which section is applicable for matter of jurisdiction, as in this case, the defendants reside in bangalore while the cooperative society is in Shivmogga. Find out the contact details  of Offices of Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies Shimoga, Cooperation Department. 

Commuting to the Office

Those who reside within Bangalore, may commute by public or privatr transport, according to their convenience. It is not very hard to locate, a landmark would be the Jayamahah Park or HDFC Bank on Nandidurga Road. Those who are coming from other states, I would suggest you to ensure you have taken a calculative decision regarding transport and accomodation expenses, as bangalore isnt’t getting any cheaper. 

If you wish to apply here, you can first call the firm and find out whether they are hiring interns as there are times when the firm may be busy with important matters where they cannot entertain internships. 

Gagan Ganapathy M B: Advocate, Founder and Head, Lawyers Transcontinental. 


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