Internship Experience at Kotwal Associates, Ahmedabad: Variety of Case Laws, Research and Drafting Work

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

Kotwal Associates, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Student Name, College and Year of Study



01st June 2019 to 30th June 2019

Application Process

The application process is mainly by Email which is then followed up by interview.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

The work environment in the office was really nice as we used to have discussions and arguments regarding various contemporary issues. This helped me greatly in understanding the various political currents that were prevailing in the country at the time.

Also, the constant mentoring sessions I got from sir were really helpful and it helped me in understanding and identifying the areas of law that I have an interest in. These sessions also gave me a little clarity regarding what I can pursue as a career option in the future.

Main Tasks

I was majorly given the task to read case files and research upon the issues that were present in various cases. For the whole internship, I was told to do research. This made me efficient in reading a lot of cases and the language in the cases now feels easy to understand as compared to before the internship. I was also asked to draft certain notices and e-mails in some cases.

This was the first time I was drafting a notice so it was very difficult initially in doing so, but I attempted to do that. Then the notices I drafted were viewed and vetted by my senior and then he also gave me tips as to how I shall proceed while I draft such notices.

During my internship, I also read and dealt with certain areas which were very new to me. I dealt with Trademark law, I learnt how to file for a trademark which was absolutely new to me. I also read cases on stamp act though the issues were not directly related to the stamp act itself. I used to generally work on specific issues that

Good Things

In my past internships, I have learned many things but those were limited to only the working of the district court. In this internship though there was more focus on the aspects of research and drafting. I learnt the basics of drafting and researching.

Extensive research that was assigned to me during my internship helped me in improving my speed in doing the tasks. Apart from this I also had some client interaction along with Aum sir, which really helped me in understanding what is the way of talking to the clients when they come to the office.

Apart from this, I was made to read Indian Political History so that I can understand the situation that is prevalent in society better because everything has a historical reference. The numerous interactions and discussions with sir I developed a new and better understanding of law in itself.

I learnt how should I proper law and also I developed a new understanding of the political structure and how should an ideal government or state function.

Bad Things

Sacrificing sleep


No stipend

Accommodation Commute

Personal Vehicle

Other Info

There is this place called “Raju Omelette” in the east-facing side of Ganesh Meridien. It probably has the best egg variety in the town which is served with its infamous chutney. A must try!

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