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Juris Centre, Online platform

Duration Of The Internship

June 1, 202- June 30, 2021

How Did You Apply?

I gained knowledge about the internship through Lawoctopus itself. After looking at their page on lawoctopus, I went onto their website to gather more details about what the internship entails and the kind of work that has to be done. I sent my CV and a writing sample to the e-mail address that was given and received a reply within 2 days. I also had to send images of my college student ID card and Aadhaar card to confirm my identity and accept the offer of internship. 

First Day, Introduction, Etc. 

5 days before the commencement of my internship, I was asked to connect to the organisation through WhatsApp. The morning of my first day, I received a mail which listed out guidelines for how to go about the work that was allotted. My work consisted of researching and writing articles about legal topics. For this, they informed us of the requirements for the article such as word limit, font, the no plagiarism policy, the number of articles to be written, etc. At the end of the mail, it was stated that the interns will be added to a group with their respective blog coordinator following which they’ll be receiving their first topics. The interns were added to their groups the next day, after which the coordinator asked us to introduce ourselves to our fellow interns. The first topic for articles was given after this.

Main Tasks

On 2nd June, my first legal topic was given to me. The blog coordinator while allotting the topic also gave us suggestions on what we could cover in our articles. The deadlines for submitting the articles ranged from 4-6 days throughout the internship. We could also approach our respective blog coordinator if we had any doubts about the topic at hand and ask for suggestions. There were also messages sent which had to be shared by us with our college groups, which provided information about the courses being offered by the organization. 

Work Environment 

The internship was a virtual one. As soon as we submitted our weekly articles, the submissions would be acknowledged and we would be given a new topic. All the superiors were extremely helpful and guided us well, which made it a very friendly and comfortable environment. Even the fellow interns were extremely kind and supportive. 

Good Things

There were many things which I appreciated about the internship. Firstly, the entire team was extremely supportive and gave us enough time to complete our work. Every week, the best article out of the lot which was submitted would be published and everyone received individual feedback as well, which allowed us to learn from the experience and perform better in the next assignment. There was also no sense of partiality. When the internship was coming to an end, the organization sent us a form asking for feedback on our blog coordinator and for any suggestions which could help them, which I thought was very considerate and helpful. Lastly, on the final day of our internship, we exchanged messages wishing others the best for their future endeavors which was extremely kind. 

Bad Things

The article topics given to my team during one of the weeks could’ve been a bit more creative, something that allowed us to learn more and incorporate our personal opinions as well, rather than employing our research skills. 


There was no stipend. However, interns could earn money if their promo code for the courses offered by the organisation was used by those availing the services. 

Overall Experience

Interning at Juris Centre was a great experience. It is the ideal place for a 1st year law student to learn how to perform legal research and build their writing skills. The members are also extremely kind and always available to offer help. The skills I learnt have helped me immensely and will stick with me whenever I write any future papers or articles. 

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