Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Prayagraj: Legal Drafting, Court Visits

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Name, College and Year

Siddharth Tiwari, NUJS, 2019.

Organisation and address

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), TF 1, Narinjan Apartments, Ashok Nagar, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001.

Caveat: There is also another organisation named HRLN( L standing for Legal instead of Law) which is representing itself as HRLN and charging high fees i.e at least 5k, so it seems that it is more of a fake NGO.

Duration of the internship

22nd April – 21st May 2019. (1 month). Your internship in HRLN should be of at least 1 month.

How you applied?

I wrote an internship application to allahabad[at], with my CV attached to it. After 3/4 days the unit coordinator replied and asked me to write two short 200 words articles to check my basic knowledge, understanding of law and thoughts on human rights.

First day formalities, infrastructure

On the 1st day, there was a short introduction about HRLN, what they do, how they are different from other NGOs and what are their expectation from you.

Infrastructure was pretty normal. The office had two rooms.

Office Timings

The timings were 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with a short break for lunch and Saturday being half day.

Main tasks

While working at HRLN I assisted in drafting PILs, writ petition, contempt application, rejoinder, researching cases on bonded labour and enhanced acid attack compensation etc.

I also attended high court several times during the course of the internship, when it was the day of our hearing.

Good things

While doing the internship I had the chance to draft several writ petitions, PILs, applications to various authorities which definitely taught me the basics of legal drafting.

The quality of work that was given to was really good. All the cases that I worked on were in news and when I say work I don’t mean that I just read them, but drafted something to be it petition, rejoinder or contempt application. The unit coordinators were friendly and gave me valuable tips which they felt that it would help me.

Bad things

I can’t say that there was any apart from “normal” high temperature in U.P.


No stipend and you are required to pay Rs 2000 as internship fee, which may be waived of if you come from a humble background.


I used to stay with my maternal uncle but pg’s are available nearby in low budget.

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