Internship Experience at Hon’ble Justice Shailendra Kumar Rai, Muzaffarpur: IPC Research and Drafting Work

Full name of the Judge, City and State

Hon’ble Justice Shailendra Kumar Rai, Sub – Divisional Judicial Magistrate, District Court, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Student Name, College and Year of Study



20th December 2018 to 09th January 2019

Application Process

I submit an application to the District Judge for the approval of internship with a photocopy of my Identity card of the college in the English Office of the Court. Next day, I was assigned under Hon’ble Justice Shailendra Kumar Rai and my work commenced.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

There was no such first-day formalities. I feel very fascinating when I saw the court for the first time. Although it was very murky but my eyes were shinning because I had seen court first time.

Main Tasks

My main task was to hear cases related to Section 498A of IPC and make case notes on it. Apart from these, I also drafted complaint synopsis.

Good Things

The thing which surprised me most was that in the office of the judge where files related to cases were kept; even in so many files (at least 5 thousand), the peon was able to find the correct file of the case which was scheduled to be heard on that day.

The next thing which drew my attention was the respect of the judge. He was like the king of that particular courtroom. I know the prestige of the judge but it was very much more then what I thought.

Bad Things

I was very much disappointed seeing the condition of the courtroom. It was very dark and hot. I thought that the condition of the Indian legal system is very bad.

If the initial stage is facing such conditions then what would be the condition of the upper stage. There are a number of pending cases and people were very much disappointed going home with hope only.


No stipend

Accommodation and Commuting

I am a localite.

Other Info

I learnt the procedure of movement of case files from the SDJM office to Court Room. In addition to that, I also understood a few important sections of CrPC and saw their application. In my leisure time, I used to roam in the court watching proceeding of various other courtrooms.

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