Internship Experience at Hon’ble Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyay, Lucknow: Attend Court Proceedings, Make Case Briefs

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Sharad Trivedi, Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, 3rd-year LL.B.( Hons)

Name of Institution, City and State

ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT (LUCKNOW BENCH), Hon’ble Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyay, Uttar Pradesh


01st July- 30th July 2018

Timing: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Application Process

Apply via sending an email by sending CV and Cover letter to the Personal Secretary of the judges, you need to submit the
recommendation letter of the College after the approval of the judge for the internship.

First day formalities, infrastructure and first impression

On the very first day, I was much keen to visit the High court Campus as I have already heard so much about this prestigious institute but I have control on my nerve too as it was my first big internship I had already done few of them earlier
too but it was with some of the NGO’s but those experiences don’t have much to learn but It was going to prove a hard-working, laborious and learning experience for me.

I entered into the High Court premises, it was such an amazing building with all the modern facilities, You have to take a gate pass to enter into the premises, then I entered into the Judges’ Chamber. I entered into the chamber of Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyay with whom I had to intern, where we have some formal talks then he explained to me about my task what I have to do. Then we both became ready to proceed towards the courtroom for daily proceedings.

Main Tasks

My main task was related to Land Laws.

Working Procedure: The Main task was to attend court sessions, prepare note brief of the cases and to pen down the arguments of the Learned counsels and finding cases.

Good Things

It was a learning experience for me. Overall it was a quite good experience for me. Hon’ble justice is much co-operating in nature he used to tell me the minute complexities of the law he used to provide me with the lunch sometimes and try to make me always comfortable with him and the Court Proceedings.

Bad Things

Nothing was bad at all for me


No stipend


As my college was situated in Lucknow itself so I used to commute from my hostel.

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